A restful meld of grey tones form this luxurious modern interior design. A mixed materials palette gives the space texture, depth, and dramatic interest. Visualised by Ivan Shmailykov, the main floor of the home is a wide open plan. An airy lounge area is set beside a sociable kitchen dining zone to achieve one freeflowing connection. The lighting scheme inside this concept is also carefully planned out. Precisely spaced floor lamps, table lamps, and statement pendant lighting add glowing areas of warmth to the minimalist decor scheme. Contemporary furniture pieces lay down succinct, silky silhouettes, and a sleek modern staircase design rises like a piece of sculptural art.

A large area rug lays down a soft base in the reposeful grey living room. The grey rug is ribbed to introduce light texture into the lounge space. The texture causes subtle contrast with a set of smooth grey upholstered sofas.

At the centre of the lounge area, a moon pendant light glows majestically, patterned by lunar maria. A matt black mount plate starkly stands out against the grey stucco ceiling.

A modern fireplace complements the moon pendant light with its warm and cosy glow. A curvaceous lounge chair gets the warmest spot by the fire. This shapely design is a Groovy M chair designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort.

Beneath the full moon pendant, a low, round coffee table mirrors its circular silhouette. The granite tabletop smoothly reflects the moonlight.

On the opposite side of the living room rug, a natural rice paper floor lamp situates a column of warming light between the two couches. A floor-to-ceiling window breaks the living room open to the sky.

A coffee table is integrated into the end of the sofa configuration. Grey candles and a small stack of coffee table books provide a simple, modern adornment.

Another integrated coffee table is centred in the second modular sofa arrangement. A chic bowl and tray combo adds understated decoration.

The sofa backrests recline to provide ultimate comfort.

A smaller living room floor lamp contributes to the soothing, atmospheric lighting scheme.

A flat-topped table lamp sheds soft illumination on the modular coffee table. A small black side table echoes the lamp’s modern aesthetic.

Exquisitely veined marble decor accessories contrast with the smooth wood grain table top.

Grey concrete walls add raw, industrial texture to the decor palette. Stone floor tiles achieve a streamlined look.

A grey granite hearth supports the minimalist modern fireplace design. A wall of rugged rockface rises behind the dancing flames. Its deep texture creates drama and intrigue.

In lieu of a window, a floor length mirror adds light to an expanse of solid concrete. The floor-standing mirror forms a bright visual pause between the lounge area and an open plan kitchen diner.

The mixed materials palette keeps the eye moving and exploring through the space.

At the back of the main living space, a sleek modern staircase design rises like modern art, sculpted from granite. Two wider steps form a platform floor beneath the stairwell, effectively zoning it from the living space.

An indoor plant bed is set into the base of the staircase to form a mini courtyard design. Globe lamps are set amongst an abundance of lush greenery, glowing with magical effect.

A frameless glass balustrade leaves the luxe granite stair treads visually unobstructed. The clear surround puts the contemporary design on display to the entire living space.

Across from the staircase, the kitchen and dining spaces unfold. A wooden dining table cuts bluntly into the side of the kitchen island, slotting under the granite worktop to make one melded volume.

Above the dining table, a large linear suspension light directs light strictly downward. The focussed light pools on the table, leaving the rest of the kitchen to fade into the shadows at meal times.

The kitchen sink is set into the island, placing it in natural light from a large window.

Modern dining chairs display a split of grey and black finishes. The two-toned chair design adds contemporary styling around the basic wooden dining table.

The rest of the kitchen installation is concealed behind slab-fronted, handle-free wooden doors. The secretive design keeps the living space looking uncluttered and peaceful when the kitchen is not in use.

Granite bowls and modern salt and pepper shakers make an understated dining table centrepiece.

The integrated granite sink camouflages into the granite countertop. A chrome kitchen faucet emerges with a low profile.

Inside the grey bedroom, another deeply textured rockface feature wall makes a dramatic statement behind the headboard.

The grey upholstered bed is laid softly on a textured grey bedroom rug. A grey bed set completes the serene ensemble.

A rice paper lantern emits a warming ambience at one side of the upholstered platform bed, whilst a linear pendant light descends at the other.

Silky silver-grey curtains pool at the wide bedroom windows. A frameless, floor-to-ceiling door swings into an ensuite bathroom. A freestanding glass bathtub awaits inside.

At the foot of the bed, a stunning view has been created with an indoor courtyard design and a huge skylight. The ceiling aperture opens up a magnificent skyscape and a glance at the morning weather.

A granite step frames the modern courtyard design, accentuating its sharp, cuboid form. Inside the frameless glass, small shrubs flourish in the natural sunlight.

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