The Kaiserlodge had popped into my feed every now and again for years already. It was clearly a popular destination for winter and I had one too many times marveled at its beautiful lagoon pool and the classic, yet modern interior. Naturally I was excited when the invitation rolled around to go check it out for myself! I quickly purchased my train tickets, started shopping for new snow gear and then something happened, that absolutely no one could have foreseen – Corona.

Indeed, I have been planning of visiting the Kaiserlodge since the beginning of 2020 and the momentum had been building up! After 2 far too long years of Corona we could finally manage to go on our trip! I was over the moon!


We hopped on a 6,5 hour train ride from Berlin to Wörgl, via Munich and got a cab for the final 15 minute stretch. When we rolled up we were instantly smitten by the elegant building. The lobby oozes luxury, there is an inviting bar and restaurant where snow enthusiasts sip on Aperol Spritz by the fire place.

Our room was on the ground floor and a short walk away from the restaurant which came in handy whenever I needed a refill on milk for my coffee in the morning. As I opened the door my eyes fell on a giant dining table, that could easily fit 10 people. Right next to it was a fully equipped kitchen with boasted everything from dish washer to wine fridge and just as I wondered why I couldn’t locate a bed I saw a big staircase.

I had never stayed in a hotel room that encompassed 2 floors! This one however came with not one but 2 large bedrooms upstairs, each one offering space for 4 people. This apartment was clearly designed for families traveling together – what a beautiful set up!

Perhaps the best feature was not just the 3 balconies, but that one of them had direct access to the lagoon pool right outside our room! A paradise for anyone who’s ever wanted to go ice-bathing but worried about the lack of a nearby hot shower. Here you could dip in and jump straight to your bathroom next. I however am a wimp and didn’t even dip as much as my toes into the water.


I quickly found alternative ways to indulge in water. A quick elevator ride up the 3rd floor was the spa area, complete with a heated pool that also came with a delightful outdoor portion. Have you ever seen a heated outdoor pool in the winter? There is something quite magical about the steamy water and the snow around it. If you get some mountain views on top – jackpot!

But wait, there is more! Fans of the steam room, listen up! The Kaiserlodge was my first steam room that came with amazing herbal aromas and boy, that’s a game changer. Just breathing feels like a luxury spa treatment! Of course there is also a beautiful sauna with delicious views here and if you love a great massage or hot stone treatment, the Kaiserlodge is for you!


The obvious choice for many will be the classic winter sports. There is a free ski bus stopping right outside the hotel that takes guests to the ski-lift for their snowboarding and skiing pleasure. The ski area here is called Wilder Kaiser which is super popular with ski fans and for good reason! I personally don’t “do” ski sports but I never miss an opportunity to join a snow-shoeing hike and this time was no different!

If you’re keen to join a tour, simply contact your local tourism office or ask at your hotel reception for tips and you’ll typically be able to select from a range of options, from group tours to individually guided tours. Love your independence? Simply rent a pair of snow-shoes from a ski-star shop or the ski-gear rental at Kaiserlodge and wander off on your own. The upside is that you can hike on your own time, take as many breaks as you like and save a bit of money in the process.


Traveling with kids? Every day from 4-6pm Kaiserlodge rents out sleds free of charge and you can take your littles tobogganing right behind the hotel – huge fun!

Speaking of children, there is a really nice daily buffet of kids activities on every afternoon (except on Mondays) where they can go on snow-hikes, bake waffles, make jewelry and watch movies. There is a great and creative play area where making friends is inevitable. At 7 years old my son was old enough to go here and come home at will and the club was a great alternative when one afternoon my plans didn’t match my son’s and we each got to do something we wanted to do.


The Kaiserlodge has many apartments with their own kitchen so you could easily just commit to cooking and making your own food. After all the nearest supermarket is just 100m up the road. If cooking on your travels is not for you (I prefer being able to switch off from my usual responsibilities) the restaurant has many delicious options at very reasonable price.

My favorite was the Kaiserlodge Burger – a truly out of this world culinary experience I shall try to recreate when I get home! Another thing I loved was that you could easily get delicious cheese platters, desserts, sandwiches and breakfast simply delivered to your room! So easy starting the holiday when you get to relax on your balcony with treats like these…

We had a wonderful time staying at Kaiserlodge and I completely understand why the place is so popular. We will surely be back some day, next time hopefully traveling in a group and during summer, because I cannot wait to try out that natural pool with balcony access!

*Disclaimer: We were kindly invited to spend 3 nights at Kaiserlodge. All opinions are my own. 

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