Explore nine statement easy chairs defined by patina.

In this Nine to Know, we’re exploring easy chairs that tell a story through time-worn textures and comforting forms. We’ve curated a mix of new and vintage upholstered armchairs designed to only get better with age.

est living moroso smock armchair 05

Named as part of our Future Classic series, the Moroso Smock chair was designed by Patricia Urquiola and features embroidered leather in a ‘smocking stitch,’ referencing the world of fashion.

est living knoll platner side chair 001

Designed in 1960 by Warren Platner, the Knoll Platner armchair was experimental for its time. Hundreds of curved steel rods are welded to a gracefully curved frame, upholstered at the seat and shoulders for comfort.

est living easy chairs 02

A modular piece from the iconic sofa of the same name, the Camaleonda chair by B&B Italia, was designed by Mario Bellini and released in 1970. It reflects two Italian words combined: ‘camaleonte’ translated to chameleon, an animal capable of adapting to its environment, and ‘onda’, meaning wave.

est living domo de sede ds 266 reclinder chair 01

A combination of softness and geometry, the De Sede DS-266 Recliner chair is the culmination of 30 years of designer Stefan Heiliger’s work.

est living b b italia le bambole 07 armchair 05

The Le Bambole 07 Bambola armchair, designed by Mario Bellini, is ‘sculpted’ from a single block. The designer wanted to reproduce “a living body, pleasant to touch and embrace, soft and safe”.

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