We satisfy our curiosity with the unique home of fun-loving, Paris-based, Australian designer Lucy Folk, learning a little bit about how she lives here.

Lucy Folk is as creative as they come — injecting her playful zest and sense of adventure into everything she does.

In the first of our My Space series, we step inside Australian born Lucy Folk’s eclectic Parisian apartment to see behind her globally-recognised wearable art and how she curates her colourful curios within.

This piece originally appeared in issue #32 of est magazine.

How is your space a reflection of you?

Lucy Folk: It embodies my passion for interiors, art, scent and zen vibes.

Describe your interior style:

Lucy Folk: Comfortable, eclectic and bright.

The room you gravitate to?

Lucy Folk: The dining room is the most impressive room in the apartment. It has frescoes dating back to the 1600s and it’s the best spot for a special dinner party with friends.

My Space: Lucy Folk

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My Space: Lucy Folk

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Your favourite things?

Lucy Folk: My Carlo Scarpa dining table, Harvey Guzzini Olympe table lamps c. 1970, each piece speaks for itself. They have been hand-picked over time at antique markets and each tells its own story which I love. The custom blinds and sheets made by my apparel manufacturer in Marrakesh are also special, all hand-loomed and very soft with a pastel palette.

How does your space inspire you?

Lucy Folk: The light, the colours, the energy. The history of the building. The space I have around me. I burn a lot of incense and play loud music which helps me relax and get the creative juices flowing.

Where do you wind down?

Lucy Folk: Mostly in the salon on my turmeric yellow couch. I also practice yoga daily in my bedroom.

What makes your home a home? 

Lucy Folk: All of the things that I love are under one roof. I want the house to be comfortable and not too precious. I can’t stand when you go to people’s houses and basically can’t touch a thing.

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My Space: Lucy Folk

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