London-based studio House of Grey take a holistic approach to designing their new hybrid studio space, Home of Holism.

House of Grey’s Home of Holism was born from their desire to revolutionise the concept of ‘the workplace’ to encompass all aspects of daily life. The space is an adaptive working studio for the entire House of Grey team and a tranquil home retreat for founder Louisa Grey. “Our new Home of Holism reveals where and how our founder lives and how we work together daily,” studio manager Jemma Horsefall says. “Here, people can experience Circular Salutogenic Design and the House of Grey feeling for themselves.”

What is Circular Salutogenic Design?

“Circular Salutogenic Design is about creating interior spaces that allow humans to live in harmony with the planet and themselves,” Louisa says. The materials used in Home of Holism are conducive to this idea; they are non-toxic and sourced directly from the earth to promote groundedness, improve concentration and reduce stress. These materials were also chosen for their fundamental benefits, such as water resistance and heat generation, further enhancing the Circular Salutogenic nature of the design. “Living holistically means considering not only how materials look and feel but how they perform to keep a home or workspace running,” Louisa says.

Material Closeup: The Kitchen

House of Grey have harnessed nature’s influence to create a healthy, sustainable kitchen design. The studio collaborated with FincH to realise the kitchen’s all-natural, chemical-free material palette of timber, marble and mineral-coated surfaces. The cupboards and drawers are made from locally sourced birch plywood, with UK Ash on the fronts for a natural finish. The pull-out surfaces of the coffee-making cabinet and bar area are made from salvaged marble to minimise the design’s carbon footprint. The moveable kitchen island is finished in a mineral coating consisting mainly of lime, making it durable and resistant to water.

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Home of Holism’s walls are painted in 100 per cent natural limewash paint from the House of Grey x Bauwerk Colour ‘Silence’ collection.

Work-life Balance at Home of Holism

Louisa’s and, by extension, House of Grey’s ethos around work-life balance and how it influences personal health and wellbeing are embedded in House of Holism’s design. Like everyone around her, Louisa’s life is an amalgamation of many things; she’s a designer, a working mother, a business owner, a friend, a family member and a colleague; all of which she expends energy each day fulfilling. She based Home of Holism on this idea of a holistic life, aiming to reveal the full spectrum of her and House of Grey’s practice.

“We wanted to shape our own healthy workspace that went beyond aesthetics to enhance our daily lives,” she says. “We aimed to create a comfortable home and work environment that people could look forward to coming into each day and leave feeling inspired and energised.” This stems from House of Grey’s rejection of ‘burnout culture’, a symptom that can be the need to escape one’s day-to-day life. Instead, Home of Holism exists to show people that it is possible to build a life that you don’t wish to escape from.

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Pieces such as the Massproductions Crown lounge chair and Oluce Atollo 235 culminate in calming interior landscapes.

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While House of Grey invites clients, craftspeople and partners into their creative spaces to share the Home of Holism experience, the private spaces remain Louisa’s sanctuary.

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