A slow-paced, nature-kissed serenity trickles through this modern Indian house design, which was created by the talent at architectural firm Evolving Radical Aesthetics. From the outside, the modern home is trimmed with mature palm trees and established plant beds, which frame the fresh white render of asymmetrical architecture. Inside the house, a bold staircase design dominates a wide entryway that leads into open and airy living rooms. The simple but stylish living spaces pause at light-filled courtyards that provide a blissful through-breeze. One sun-dappled courtyard features a beautiful koi fish pond that supplies animated colour, life and restful entertainment to family members of every age.

Photographer: Bam Powerhouse Studio  

As we approach our featured home from the main street, White rendered boundary walls complement the crisp white render of sharp asymmetrical architecture, which cuts into the clear blue sky. Mature palm trees soften the sloping silhouette of the house before the gradient of the roof guides the eye down into established plant beds.

The modern facade glows warmly at night, as exterior lights illuminate the porch and indoor pendants twinkle from within a light-permeable second story wall.

Stone paving slabs clad the driveway and entryway of the contemporary Indian home, clearing the path for visitors. An architectural overhang provides plentiful shade over the front door.

Above the front entrance, a covered balcony offers a cool and shady spot in which to hang out, read, or chat.

As we enter the high-end home, we’re greeted with a wide open entryway. A dominating modern staircase design climbs to the upper floor with open wooden treads and a bold solid black balustrade.

Open doorways lead off the wide entryway into the lounge and a separate dining space. A water-filled courtyard installs a peaceful pause between the living areas and encourages a blissful through breeze to cool the inner rooms.

Delicate water lilies grow at the heart of the koi pond, whilst the lively koi fish flick vivid orange colour as they wind around the bubbling borders.

Lush green plants flourish around the edges of the colourful koi fish pond, where they reach up through the sun-dappled space toward the heavens.

The life-filled pond creates a dreamy view from the lounge and the formal dining room alike.

The decor inside of the dining room is simple and minimalistic, light and understated, so as not to detract from the neighbouring koi pond. A contemporary wood tone and matt black buffet spans a cool board formed concrete wall. Two modern dining room pendant lights drop satin silver accents over the modern dining set.

Above the buffet unit, a trio of botanical wall art prints complement the beauty of the attached courtyards. A soft grey rug warms the tile dining room floor.

The dining room is sandwiched between two courtyards, which spill natural light onto the white upholstered dining chairs. The hue of the light changes as the sun goes down, which magically morphs the dining room colour scheme.

The calming koi fish pond entertains family members of all ages, from the very small and curious to the older and contemplative.

The koi pond also makes the most wonderful and tranquil addition to bedroom spaces. Here, a stylish bedroom chair pulls up to the patio doors to appreciate the special view. Floral bed covers tie in with the connection to nature, along with a natural wood headboard design and a vase of greenery. A small bedside table lamp emits a warming and restful glow.

The dry courtyard design supplies other rooms and walkways with a burst of natural greenery, a breath of fresh ventilation, and a splash of natural daylight. Glass walls on each floor of the home ensure that the uplifting courtyard view is spread tall and wide.

A small garden area has been planted upstairs so that every room in the home gets to benefit from a tangible connection with the outdoors. A relaxing swing seat offers an inviting spot to take in the vista and while away the hours. An outdoor chair and table are set up within touching distance of the plants for a more enveloping garden moment.

An eclectic furniture mix styles the lounge spaces.

Eye-catching wooden lounge chairs are paired by an air-permeable wall. A blue planter draws colour inspiration from the cloudless sky.

The upper landing is edged with clear glass balustrades, which leave the flow of natural light unobstructed.

A covered balcony welcomes the family into the fresh air.

A unique concrete bench curves the perimeter of the balcony.

Patterned throw pillows and a flatweave rug lay down uplifting colour.

A slatted ceiling filters the strong sunlight to provide comfortable shade. Outdoor planters bring a piece of the garden to the upstairs sitting area.

Board formed concrete contours the side of the contemporary Indian home exterior.

Each room is designed to benefit from the natural breeze and gentle shade.

Ground floor plan and first floor plan.

The section drawing clearly illustrates the positioning of the dining room between the two courtyard designs.

Living space design, including the lounge space, dining room, and beautiful courtyard with koi pond. We also see the covered balcony up top, which is affectionately and aptly named the Sunset Garden.

The project is entitled The Wall of Being, and it is behind this wall of being that life for the family unfolds in complete privacy and calm.

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