Towering double-height voids and bold, sleek curves give this modern home interior a masterful aesthetic. Visualised by FANHE Space Design Co, this magnificent residence is an extraordinary site to behold. A laconic colour scheme of beige softly accentuates the spectacular architectural features on show. Overhanging balconies are smoothed around their edges to create a silky silhouette. Clear glass balustrades are applied as seamless expanses, accepting no obstruction that would throw off minimalistic perfection. Wood effect panels clad key areas of the large living space with visual warmth. Built-in shelving units and a modern staircase design are precisely backlit to build an atmospheric lighting scheme with a high-end look.

In the breathtaking double-height living space, a beige stucco perimeter sets a scene of peace and tranquillity. A large TV set is gently recessed into the wall stucco to achieve a pristine, streamlined border. Above the lounge, a mezzanine landing wraps around to form romantic balconies. The overhanging volumes softly curve, as if painstakingly hand-carved. Seamless glass balustrades keep the mesmerising mezzanine looking open and spacious.

A large area rug unfurls soft texture beneath a linear modern sofa design and a chic wood and rattan lounge chair. The restful living room layout features no eye-level windows. Natural light comes in via a wide clerestory window that runs level with the mezzanine.

In the centre of the lounge space, a wooden coffee table adds a moment of deep tonal beauty and texture. Abstract wall decor takes the darker tone up onto the pale beige wall stucco.

On the mezzanine, windows are large. The natural sunlight is shared with the ground floor living space via the glass balustrades.

A narrow elliptical interior window reveals a sliver of the modern staircase design. It also accepts light from a second-floor window. A small living room floor lamp glows warmly in the corner, providing soft task lighting over the sofa.

Built-in storage cabinets hover just a few inches above the ground to create a weightless look. A recessed LED strip accentuates the floating effect. A black marble hearth underlines the elegant installation.

A decorative vase with a dried botanical display complement the laconic beige colour scheme, whilst adding a dash of texture. A small stack of coffee table books, a decorative bowl, and small ornaments neatly adorn the wooden coffee table. The rattan lounge chair is complemented by the textured rug.

A second open plan lounge area is zoned upon a textured round rugs for sale online” title=”51 Round Rugs To Update Your Rooms for Fresh Trends”>round rug. A curved sofa follows the edge of the rug and embraces a round coffee table design. Behind the modern couch, a dramatic backdrop of backlit display shelves climbs to the ceiling.

The display shelf is packed with a curation of books, handcrafted bowls, decorative vases, and intriguing ornaments.

Two more handmade vases adorn the glossy black round coffee table. The modern staircase design winds beautifully in the background. Each tread is precisely lit along its edge to emit an ethereal glow.

A partition wall swoops into the hallway with a graceful curve. An elliptical storage and display unit adds a textural moment of rattan and wood.

Across from the main living area, a pair of small lounge chairs and a small side table form a comfortable reading nook.

Backlit shelves illuminate the reading nook with an atmospheric glow. Large storage cabinets flank the shelves, creating hidden storage space for large household items.

Artistic impressions sink into the crisp beige wall stucco in a modern linear design. Wood-slatted panels overlay the smooth stucco with deep texture. RIbbons of light appear in unexpected places, from the ceiling to the floor.

The modern staircase design features open risers to let natural light flow through. The same light wood flooring appears throughout the modern home, covering each floor and landing with a cohesive tone.

Glass balustrades make the stairwell appear lighter still. A shallow bannister appears razor sharp along its edge.

A small partition sections off the curved lounge space. The narrow wall has a rounded formation with decorative open sides. The curvaceous format embraces a wonderful, deeply grained wooden console table and a piece of textured wall art. Ceramic vases add tonal decoration.

In the formal dining room, an enormous modern ceiling rose features ripples of texture and a ring of decorative LED illumination. A unique dining room pendant light hangs from the centre of the contemporary ceiling rose, where it descends upon a round pedestal dining table.

Eight modern dining chairs encircle the round dining table. Two decorative shelving towers rise on either side. Artisanal ceramics are displayed on the illuminated layers.

Round wall decor is hung as a focal point on a wood clad statement wall. The wood panelling is rippled with a tactile fluted texture, which complements handmade marks in the 3D relief artwork.

The base of the pedestal dining table features a fashionable slatted finish. A decorative bowl makes a simple dining table centrepiece. As we look past two curved partition walls, we discover a modern wood kitchen design. Sunlight streams in through an enormous window.

Rises and falls in ceiling height serve to break up the home’s large, free-flowing interior. Behind a massive support column, a modern tea room is constructed with a sleek table, a cushioned bench, and a rattan chair. Illuminated shelves with black inserts darkly define the open plan area.

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