String lights are the perfect way to add a relaxing and calming vibe to the outdoors. No matter what room, relaxing time will be more fun with string lights. This decorative element is very popular nowadays, if in the past string lights were only used as part of a party, now string lights are the first choice when it comes to outdoors.

This identical decoration with lots of lights is perfect for those of you who like dreamy things. In this case you can ignore outdoor lighting, a different way to provide the right lighting to open spaces, patios, decks, gardens and backyards.

String lights are great at that, moreover they are so versatile that you can match them with any style. Here we’ve rounded up some outdoor string light ideas that will make your relaxing time even more enjoyable!

1. Outdoor Living Room


With an outdoor living room every guest who will come will feel a much more comfortable atmosphere. An outdoor living room creates a sense of intimacy because this design is not too formal. Decorate with string lights as an aesthetic decoration as well as soothing.

2. Outdoor Patio


In addition to the living room outside, the veranda is also a favorite place for you when you are outside. If you like adding a theme to this space, complete it with string lights that bring out a lovely boho vibe.

3. Outdoor Movie Cinema


Throwing a small party in the garden or backyard is incomplete without an outdoor cinema. Starting from floor carpets, pillows, blankets, lanterns, and string lights that make the atmosphere warmer.

4. Outdoor Dining Room


Enjoy dinner under the stars with those closest to you. Additional string lights that will make your evening more romantic and more rustic.

5. Balcony String Light


For those of you who live in apartments or urban areas, the balcony is the only place to relax outdoors. No matter what the design of your balcony is, it’s important to make this space feel as comfortable as possible. From comfortable furniture, pillows, blankets, to romantic lighting. String lights are an important part of the urban balcony style.

6. Outdoor Firepits


Relaxing outside while circling the fire pit is a great way to bring you closer to family and friends. In addition to the proper setting of the fire pit, string light decorations will complete your outdoor look.

7. Garden String Lights


Beautify your garden with string lights that add beauty to any garden style. Apart from being additional lighting, string lights can also be used as lights on garden paths.

8. Outdoor Shower


Enjoy a pleasant bathing experience with an outdoor shower. The string lights provide a romantic summer evening vibe. This is a simple way to enhance the look of your outdoor shower.

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