Bathing is an activity that can restore your mood and stamina. Especially if you are a very busy person who never has time to relax, enjoying a refreshing bath is the best solution. Creating an outdoor shower is a great way for anyone who wants to experience a different shower experience. Whether you want a special place for relaxation or you just want to add a fun holiday vibe to the outdoors after a busy day, an outdoor shower is a very useful thing to apply at home.

The outdoor shower offers a special bathing experience. They come with a wide range of designs. Starting from being environmentally friendly to complementing the aesthetics of the building. You can easily build your own shower with a few simple supplies or you can create a spa-worthy outdoor retreat that is more comfortable than any indoor shower. To help you find the best outdoor shower ideas, here’s some inspiration for you!

1. Blend Into the Landscape


The best thing about outdoor showers is that they look beautiful placed in any area around the house. You can even complete the landscape by adding a shower. Build a shower on the fence of the house that blends with the trees.

2. Beach Cottage Shower


Combine the style of a beachside getaway with a touch of the beautiful countryside. This outdoor shower will become a family favorite. From a wooden pallet wall with storage to a relaxing beach vibe.

3. Simple Backyard Shower


The backyard is the perfect area to add a refreshing oasis, including building a shower. Wooden decks to tiny flower gardens are perfect for summer.

4. Adorable pink tiles


Want a feminine touch to your outdoor shower or just to brighten it up? This shower idea is absolutely adorable with a focus on pink tiles. With a desert vibe it looks minimalist outdoors.

5. Wooden Barrier


Outdoor shower applies the concept of indoor and outdoor. Even though it’s completely outdoors, thanks to the wooden barrier you can still feel the sensation of taking a shower outside while still getting privacy.

6. Add Industrial Look


The black pipe shower and exposed brick walls give it an alluring industrial look. This makes the outdoor shower feel airy with the expansive landscape, deck walkways and wild plants looking contrasting yet minimalistic.

7. Mediterranean Style With A View


Bring warm, cozy and harmonious Mediterranean style to your outdoor shower. At first glance, it feels like a vacation, especially with the stunning beach views.

8. Add DIY Storage


Even if you want a natural look to your bathroom shower, adding storage is essential. This not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing, it also gives you a place to throw your towels before you rinse them.

9. Beach Shower With Benches


If you like a beach vibe, the outdoor shower is pretty much a must-have. Beautiful setting with pink walls and surfboards, even more comfortable with benches for lounging areas so you can enjoy more time outside.

10. Natural Stone Shower Integrated With Indoor


Natural stone walls are the perfect way to bring a natural vibe to an outdoor shower. Connect the indoor area with glass walls and doors.

11. Eco-friendly Outdoor Shower


The beautiful outdoor shower really feels eco-friendly. Using pallets and wooden walls makes bath time feel more at one with nature. Add a wooden bench against the wall as a place to relax.

12. Tropical Outdoor Shower


Tropical style has always been popular for outdoor decoration, showers are no exception. From unique tiled walls to a variety of beautiful tropical plants, this outdoor shower gives you a wonderful holiday vibe.

13. Rustic Outdoor Shower With Tubs


This outdoor shower features a rustic style that will never go out of style. With some arrangement of plants and a bathtub on the floor make your bath more enjoyable.

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