If there is one particular place in the home that simply makes us want to relax and indulge in the beauty of the room, it’s the bathroom. The bathroom is not only one of the most used spaces in a home, but it’s also one of the most personal areas as well. While most might not have the means to create an extravagant bathroom, there are ways you can make the space luxurious with a bold emphasis on relaxation. The following guide will share with you, luxury bathrooms that are focused on relaxation in order to provide a one of a kind space.

Let’s Get Techy

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
Go big or go home with your technology. You could even consider going the incognito route and having a steam shower that almost seems as if it was a shower and nothing else.

One subject we rarely share is technology in a room, and the main reason for that being adding technology can be expensive. However, if you have the means it’s time to get tetchy, and what better way to do that then to bring technology to the bathroom. Consider starting small such as adding heated flooring or a steam shower in order to get that luxury feel without a huge price tag. Further, your bathrooms appeal by having a bathroom bench as part of your steam shower. There is also the idea of having a bidet or fun lighting that adds just a hint of luxe.

Redefine Contemporary

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
If you happen to have a smaller bathroom a glass-cased shower works exceptionally well because it removes that division out of the way giving you a sleek overall appearance.

Most of us have a notion of what a contemporary should look like, but it might be time to redefine what it should look like by adding a bright and airiness to it. Add a glass-encased shower and work around it for a contemporary touch that still feels personal and unique while having that stark contemporary aspect. The key is adding one wow factor and keeping the rest relaxing and sleek.

Keep it Open

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
Take your centered tub to the next level by painting it or changing it for a metal one. The difference will astonish you once you truly complete the look of your bathroom.

When it comes to keeping a relaxing appeal, consider an open space bathroom. The openness allows you to work out your décor in any type of way that you would like. You want the centerpiece of the room to be your tub, the reason being your tub should feel like the statement piece of the room. Doing so brings a classic calming effect that adds that dose of relaxation you want and need.

Industrial Chic

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
A no door shower works because it removes the heaviness of the doors while expanding the space visually. Keep your decor as clean and crisp as possible to truly embrace this breathtaking element.

Industrial is another decorating style that has greatly impacted the way many of us decorate. Keeping that in mind, consider having an industrial bathroom. Think about it, industrial is fun and chic while having it as the main focus will add a sort of relaxing twist. One of the main ideas of industrial décor is having a no door shower. Yes, you read that correctly, consider a no door, shower for a vacation-like, outdoors feel. There is something unique about it while still being fresh and clean.

Vintage Florals

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
You don’t want to use just any kind of floral wallpaper you want a vintage one! The idea is for the wallpaper to make a huge statement while allowing your other decorative bits to make a classic staple in the room.

Antique wallpaper has some sort of power that feels relaxing and kind of reminds us of when our grandmother would decorate her home with a bold floral aesthetic- think of it as a touch of nostalgia. Consider it a form of keeping your bathroom calm and relaxing but with that beautiful twist that floral décor is known for.

A Bit of Fur

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
A fur rug in your bathroom will not only add just the right amount of luxury, but it will increase the rooms relaxing feel.

Keep it simple and chic yet, add a fur carpet for that little dose of luxury that is felt throughout the entire room. Think of it as one of the best ways to bring luxury without taking away from what your décor currently looks like. Fur is one of those items that feels extremely luxurious from the moment it’s felt and seen. Furthermore, it adds an additional dose of comfort to the room.

Wall of Glass

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
Having glass walls not only works exceptionally well, but it allows the room to feel dreamy due allowing the sun and nature to come directly in.

While most of us have a square bathroom, some do have a long narrow space that appears quite rectangular. If that is the case, consider adding a glass wall to make the room feel more spacious and open. The idea is to have the room feel as spacious as possible without breaking a wall or adding to your décor. A seamless glass wall will bring something extra to the room for a fresher kind of feel. Keep your décor simple and airy to further emphasize what you already have.

Upgrade your Neutrals

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
Add wood bits to your neutral bathroom will make the neutral space have an upgraded feel. There’s just something grand about it that helps the room feel complete.

Neutrals, neutrals and can we say more neutrals? Who doesn’t love a good neutral? Let’s face it, neutrals are everyone’s favorite because they work so well in a room regardless of how much or how little décor you use. However, when you want to create something new while still working with neutrals you want to give it a little bit of an upgrade by using pastel hues, hints of wood and/or dark daring shades.

Brass Trim

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
Bring as much brass as possible to brighten the room in an overall manner even if you’re working with darker shades such as black.

Brass is bold, it’s daring and it’s one of those elements that simply brightens a room in an overall manner. The key is working with a neutral shade that makes the room feel minimal and modern until you pay close attention to the brass trim in most of your décor. Pair with other brass elements to make the room feel complete. You want that full-circle moment that makes the room feel extremely put together and cohesive.

Marble It

Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing
If you truly want to make a statement with marble, take it over the topic and use marble in the entire room. For that big statement that makes the room feel as grand as possible.

Could we actually do a bathroom guide without mentioning marble?! Possibly not! Marble is such a bold element that it seems to be almost imperative to the bathroom space. Keeping that in mind, when in doubt consider going out the edge with your shade of marble. Consider a hue of black, or gray to bring a unique twist to an all-time classic hue.

Please share with us what a luxury bathroom looks like to you.

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Luxury bathrooms that are all about relaxing