Glass can be used interestingly to create effect. With tinted glass, you would be able to get some colored shadow and with more colors, it can be more exciting. While there are many kinds of glass and many effects it can derived in each, this one here will only talk about the clear glass. Although it is clear, it can bring the room brighter and more fun vibe. If you’re looking for some inspirations to install clear glass in the house, here is the perfect place for you to find some inspirations.

Cornered Ceiling
This stunning arrangement of clear glass is so fun and brilliant. It gives not only the bright blue sky but also the front view too. For this small room, this corner glass ceiling obviously brings the room brighter and more spacious vibe.

Cornered Dining
This cornered dining looks so amazing with its open view. This one has an interesting effect where an invisible cube is seen. Protected with clear glass on the one side, this cube dining looks creative. As if to make a matching appearance, the table is completed by acrylic chairs.

In the Stairs’ Corner
This corner is also a special one. Making a bright light comes through, this cornered clear glass also makes a pretty sight in the upper level.

Bedroom Corner
While making a pretty sight and creating a bright room, clear glass window can also allow you to have seating by the window. This comfortable seating would make your day more relaxed. And positioned in the bedroom, you don’t have to go far to get the comfort.

Clear Ceiling
This kitchen has a brilliant look that will enables every one feels energized and happy to work here. The clear glass on the ceiling saves more energy to the lighting and allows you to see the bright and dark blue sky.

White and Black
This strong kitchen shows a clear contrast with white cabinet and black floor. This contrast looks even more pronounced with the clear glass on the ceiling.

Comfortable Living Room
This one here is a stunningly beautiful living room with balcony and wide clear glass that will make your time in the living room relaxing and fun.

Bright Bedroom
Putting wide clear glass in the bedroom will make the bedroom looks fresh and airy. With wide glass, the sun will come through well and it will be the best place to waking up and as the darkening sky beckons you to sleep, it will be the best place to rest as well.

All the Lights in Dining Room
Enhancing a dining room with wide clear glass can create a romantic spot there. Whether it’s morning, day, or night, having been able to see the view while you’re dining is always sweet.

Glass on the Floor
Using glass on the floor can be really fun, especially when you use it for the upper level of your house and you can see the view under the floor from there. It is also fun for those who look up from the lower level.