A solid wood kitchen combined with limestone countertops and light grey walls

The open-plan kitchen with solid wood cabinets in this beautiful apartment is a true focal point in the space and perfectly fills out the floor plan. The entire apartment has light grey walls, which provide a subtle backdrop for the dark solid wood kitchen cabinets and furniture pieces in the living room.

The bedroom features grey walls and a wardrobe in the same color for a hotel-style effect where the bed and nightstands have been integrated.

A living kitchen with wood cabinets and soft grey walls for a lovely contrast

The kitchen stands center-stage in this open-plan apartment which used to be two rooms that have been opened up. The kitchen cabinets are made out of dark wood, which adds so much character to the space and the beige limestone countertops match this natural color palette perfectly.

The kitchen layout has been spread over two opposing walls, with the area closest to the window containing only lower cabinets for a lighter look. The beautiful open shelving above the counter by the window provides a perfect spot for pretty ceramics and picture frames and I love how the lighter wood of the natural finish hardwood flooring is combined with the solid wood cabinets of the kitchen.

The gray paint in the space has not been painted all the way up to the ceiling, but rather a white trim mimics the effect of crown molding for a lighter and more elegant look. In the living area, an antique white-painted built-in closet adorns the corner, which stands out so nicely against the grey walls.

The dining table connects the kitchen with the living space and introduces two more wood tones to the material mix inside the interior. The light and dark blue elements in the wall hanging add a pop of color above the dining table, yet the color palette of the rest of the space has been kept very minimal and based on natural materials.

A bedroom with a tone-on-tone wardrobe

The bedroom has grey walls as well, a perfect backdrop to the subtle color palette, just like in the rest of the apartment, yet what’s interesting here is that the cabinet doors and the frame of the bedroom wardrobe have been covered in the same paint color as the walls, resulting in a custom cabinets solution that integrates storage on both sides of the bed.

The bed is decorated with a brown velvet headboard and a small space has been carved out of the wood cabinets. This niche serves as a bedside table and this whole setup resembles a hotel-like setting with the wall color tieing the look together nicely.

The bed is made with a peach-colored duvet cover combined with a chequered throw blanket and white wall lamps with gold details, which complement the grey walls of the bedroom and the paint color of the wardrobe.

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