My PHOTOGRAPHY + STYLING MASTERCLASS started today and I realized that I’d forgotten to post about it here on my blog. I had Corona (so did my whole family), so this launch period for my two classes was a bit rough for me, so I’m so sorry for not posting about this lovely class here yet. I know for a fact that so many of you would love and benefit from learning how to take gorgeous photos and style your home and objects (also food) so let me tell you a little about this class because I know you’ll love it and you can get started immediately for as low as $82! Not even kidding!


Get started today to watch my welcome video above!

This class is my 4-WEEK SYSTEM FOR STYLING AND TAKING BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS LIKE A PRO. You can attract clients and earn a living with the right photos.


This masterclass is for you if…

✔️ You want to create beautiful content for social media or your online shop, catalogs, magazines, and books.

✔️ You want to work for clients shooting food, interiors, lifestyle or portraits.

✔️ Building a legit business earning a living from your photography or styling excites you.

✔️ Developing your creativity and finding your personal photo style is your goal. You need to nail your style!

✔️ Your confidence and motivation are low and a major pick-me-up is needed. You’d love to have others look at your work and offer suggestions.

✔️ You need to freshen up your photography and styling skills. Period. You feel like you’re always doing the same thing over and over.

✔️ You want to understand how a photo shoot works and how to create and style a scene all by yourself at home that looks professional.

✔️ Learning secrets from the pros in a supportive environment feels valuable to you. You are ready to get serious and level up your skills!

✔️ You’d like to attract new customers and clients with your visuals. You know your current look isn’t pulling them in.

✔️ You value kind, personal and professional feedback on your work along with tips and ideas for ways to improve it.

If any of these points resonate then I’m happy to welcome you to enroll in this special 4 week program.

A glimpse of our lovely classroom on with videos, learning materials, screencasts, audio files, and more! Lots of fun ways to learn and level up together.

You can learn about shooting interiors, objects, flowers, people, lifestyle, food and more in this special class.

My photographs and styling work has been in my books and in my magazine HOLLY along with hundreds of other magazines and books worldwide.

“But everyone is so into VIDEO… Why bother to beef up my styling and photography when everyone is so into reels?”.

I get it, but here’s how I see it…

1. Sure, Reels are fun and hot at the moment but like all trends, they get old and people move on. I’m already bored with most video content because it’s so repetitive and most use trending songs and lip synchs so content feels less original and too mainstream-y. I have friends who went viral and now have over 100K followers and still, no one buys anything from them. Followers and likes do not translate into paying clients.

2. We’ll always need photographs to communicate our stories online and off. Static imagery will always be needed. Period.

3. When you’re shopping on a website, do Reels pop-up suddenly with cat videos and people dancing? What about in catalogs, magazines, newspapers, books, blogs or the advertisements that we see on the street, at bus stations and signage? No, no and no. Photos do. Beautifully styled ones that communicate the values of the brand.

4. When you want to capture memories from special events like weddings, birthdays, vacations, or of a child’s milestones, do you only do videos or Reels? No. You mix photography and video.

5. Can you print out and frame a video or Reel? Also, no.

We use our camera or smartphone to snap photos, take selfies, and capture moments of our life every single day. Photography isn’t a trend. It’s here to stay. Photos are the blue jeans, the little black dress and a white shirt in your wardrobe. Classic, needed, relied on, everlasting.

And by the way…When it comes to creating compelling video content, having a great eye and knowing how to tell a story is everything. Training as a photographer and stylist will make your reels and videos stand out more and be even stronger than before.

NOW do you see why photography and styling are excellent life skills to have?

You can learn more about the class by clicking this button below… It will show you everything that you will get with the class, including videos from our guest experts, 4 live q+a weekly sessions with me, and a private student-only group to sharing and getting feedback on your work.

This class won’t happen again for another year, so if you want to take amazing photos AND/OR learn to style your home, objects, food and more then THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!

Also… I will show you how to earn a living from photography and styling too so the class incorporates helpful business topics too.

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See you in class!