A culmination of functionality and aesthetics, we explore the enduring appeal of under-counter ovens in this cross-section of kitchens from across the globe.

We take a tour through seven individually designed kitchens, each incorporating an under-counter oven to achieve a practical and modern fit-out. From maximising generous vertical cupboard storage to space-saving measures within a petite kitchen footprint, the purposeful positioning of each under-counter Smeg oven within these kitchen spaces encourages ease of circulation, maximises meal prep work surfaces, and increases storage utility and helps to support a streamlined and visually sleek design resolve.

With a proven 70-plus-year heritage in premium cooking appliances, Smeg’s innovation, combined with their passion for getting the most out of food and ingredients, has resulted in the release of their latest cooking revolution, Galileo multi-cooking technology. The result of extensive research, planning and testing, Smeg’s Galileo multi-cooking technology combines traditional microwave and steam cooking all in one full-size oven and is available in the Dolce Stil Novo and Linea collections and in early 2023, on the best-selling Classic collection.

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Ruxton Rise Residence by studiofour

Architecture and interior practice studiofour channel the importance of family and wellbeing in their Ruxton Rise Residence. As studiofour co-director Sarah Henry’s own Melbourne family home, the kitchen is at the heart of this personal project. A timber tabletop blends the island bench and dining table in a design that aims to provide a single furniture piece for all family members to use. “The combined kitchen island bench and dining table were key to the home’s design. Not only does this element function as the heart of the home and is the area where our family congregates for most of the day, but it is the area that culminates the design concepts for the home as a whole,” Sarah explains.

Delivering a hard-working kitchen, Sarah has concealed Smeg 60cm Classic Thermoseal Pyrolytic oven and a 45cm Classic Speed Oven with complementary warming drawer that sit side-by-side beneath the cast concrete bench. In a move that ensures the extended family can come together for a home-cooked meal, the positioning of these ovens creates a cooking hub – without detracting from the family dining zone.

Seaforth Home by Georgina Wilson Architect

The team behind Georgina Wilson Architect designed this functional family home to have an underlying holiday-like tranquillity. Transforming the Seaforth bungalow into a place of reprieve for a busy family of five, the kitchen space perfectly captures the home’s effortless aesthetic.

A Smeg 60cm Classic Thermoseal Pyrolytic oven was strategically placed beneath the stone benchtop to maximise much-needed vertical cupboard storage. In keeping with the kitchen’s clean architectural lines, Smeg’s Classic Thermoseal Pyrolytic oven is a considered modern addition within this space. It sits in perfect harmony with the surrounding material palette.

An Artist’s Kitchen by Nordiska Kök

With artist Emma Bernhard, Nordiska Kök have designed and built this sleek, custom black valchromat kitchen for her Nordic home. Each of the three kitchen sections creates a unique and minimalist kitchen layout. The black granite countertop and all-black details command attention whilst juxtaposing the warm timber tones to ensure the colour palette doesn’t feel too heavy.

Concealed below the bench, the Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Omnichef Oven has been purposefully hidden to ensure it doesn’t deter from the kitchen’s visual line of sight. This placement allows the craftsmanship of the seamless matte black joinery to come to the fore. Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo Omnichef Oven enables the user to expand their culinary repertoire with up to seven cooking combinations. Combining traditional, steam and microwave technology, this oven crosses culinary boundaries and can save up to 70 per cent of time prepping, cooking and cleaning up.

A Family Heirloom by Alexander & CO.

In this Sydney-side, semi-detached 20th-century terrace by Alexander & CO., a strong textural language has reinvigorated the home in a crisp, contemporary, yet family-friendly fashion. Placing emphasis on detail and consideration, Alexander &CO have renovated this young family’s home to perfection.

The kitchen is grounded in durable surfaces and a rich tapestry of tones, with washed oak flooring extending up to the cabinetry, lending warmth and integrity to the Carrara marble. A thoughtfully placed Smeg 60cm Classic Oven is contained in a recessed section of the kitchen’s floor-to-ceiling joinery. This alcove, alongside the inclusion of artwork, helps craft a unique focal point within this space and allows the white cabinetry under the kitchen counter to remain untouched, culminating in a cohesive design solution.

Nat’s House by Studio Prineas

When it came to this family home’s addition and renovation, Studio Prineas’ mission was to create seamless communal spaces, providing a fluid connection with the outdoors whilst capturing natural light.

The kitchen space aptly achieves all of these elements. Creating a designated cooking hub at one end of the kitchen bench, the Smeg 60cm Classic Oven sits below the hob. A celebration of minimalism and detailing, the intentional placement of the under-counter oven ensures that it doesn’t interrupt the solid vertical joinery element or block the opportunity for natural light to filter into this space.

At Home with Interior Designer Alex Morrison

Designer Alex Morrison discovered her compact apartment ‘Violet Flame’ tucked away in Sydney’s Darling Point neighbourhood. Armed with a vision of reinvention, Alex’s home now walks the line between personalised and adaptable with heavy European elements which craft a distinctive spirit.

The kitchen’s petite footprint meant a highly considered layout and careful placement of appliances such as the Smeg 60cm Classic Thermoseal Pyrolytic oven tucked away below the counter. An oven that features, among other things, 10 cooking options, 48 auto programs and pyrolytic technology, it also has fingerprint-proof stainless steel and eclipse high visibility black glass making it a must-have for any modern European-influenced kitchen.

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