Having a pet that can understand and love us is really fun. However, when it comes to space, adding a pet can actually lead to chaos. In addition to your own items and furniture, you should also consider your pet’s toys and bedding. As a pet lover, especially cats, you must have your own way of choosing furniture so that you can reach all things. In this case, the furniture must be truly multifunctional, either as furniture or as a home for pets.

Cats usually like boxes, or rather enclosed spaces where they can feel comfortable. They won’t care about anything inside because they are more interested in the packaging. In addition, they will often sit or sleep in whatever they can fit. Today we want to share one of the cat furniture that you must have at home. Meet the “Igloo”, a table for you and a comfortable bed for your cat. This furniture is very practical because it can be placed in strategic areas in the house such as in the living room or as a bedside.


The igloo makes everyone in the house happy, your cat will feel warm and happy and your room will feel modern and sophisticated. Designed by Joao Teixeira, the bed uses a ball shape for a more comfortable look and feel, but also takes advantage of the way cats play. Equipped with side connectors to create four sturdy looking legs, this design strikes a balance between form and function.

Because the bed is made of plastic, another material that contrasts with the material and shape is chosen, so that this furniture can be used by cats but can also feel like sleek furniture. So, just by adding a piece on the table, an igloo can easily become sophisticated. The top made of white wood helps create a connection with the white plastic box underneath. Here’s the inspiration!








designer: Joao Teixeira

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