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improve your home decor with no budgetWho isn’t worried about the spiralling cost of living?  And even more worryingly, things are set to get worse.  Even though we are spending more time at home, most of us don’t have budgets to decorate or update our homes.  But just because budgets are tight, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative.  There are many ways to improve your home decor with no budget by using a lot of what you’ve already got.

Think things like a bit of DIY’ing, repurposing, painting or simply moving things around.  With that in mind I’ve put together some simple decor ideas to update your home that cost very little or nothing.  While these ideas are simple and cost free, they will help refresh your decor and give your rooms a new look.  And don’t worry if DIY’ing isn’t your thing as there are plenty of ideas that don’t require that.

cost free home decor ideas

ideas to improve your home decor with no budget

change the layout of a room

Maybe you’ve lived with the same layout since you moved in to your home and you’re bored of it.  Or maybe the current layout isn’t working as well as you’d like it to.  Simply changing the layout of a room without adding anything new, can be transformative.

Before you start consider the purpose of the room.  Often times each room needs to serve more than one purpose so consider the different areas you need.  If the first layout you try doesn’t work, try again.  It’s often a process of trial and error so keep persisting.  Get creative, think outside the box and you can totally change the look of your room in an afternoon without spending a penny.


use leftover paint

This is probably my favourite way to transform a room or a piece of furniture or any decor object that’s paintable.  Whether you’ve got a tired looking cabinet or a whole room that needs a refresh, a lick of paint can do wonders.  Many of us already have paint leftover from previous projects but if you don’t, you could ask friends or family if they have any to spare.  And failing that, buying a tin or two of paint is still very budget friendly especially given how transformative paint can be for very little investment.  If you want some ideas on this, here are some ways you can use paint to transform a room.

minimalist DIY wall art

make your own wall decor

Wall decor brings any room to life especially if you feel like something is missing from your space.  Besides it’s so fun to create.  It doesn’t have to be complicated and you absolutely don’t need to have any artistic skills.  By wall decor, I don’t mean only paintings but also simple macrame hangings, sticking up postcards or photographs, making paper collages and more.

If you love minimalist art, here’s an idea for an easy minimalist DIY wall art that you can create in a few hours.  I made this recently because I wanted something for my wall but didn’t have the budget to buy anything.  If not this, there are plenty of other ideas out there that are practically effortless, very low cost and don’t even require you to pick up a paint brush like this DIY wall art idea.


DIY or repurpose

Even if you have some budget, it’s almost always cheaper to DIY or repurpose your decor.  But this isn’t the only reason to diy.  I love DIYing because you can create something unique for your home and something that is perfect for your space.

If you have some old curtains or duvet covers, you can turn them in to cushion covers or throws for your sofa.  If you have some spare wood lying around, this can become a desk, shelves, or a bench to name a few things.  Or you could simply dye bedding, napkins and tablecloths for a new look.  And if DIY’ing from scratch isn’t your thing, there are many easy hacks out there with my favourite being Ikea hacks.  For e.g. this basic ikea shelf costing a fiver has been transformed in many ways with little effort but ends up creating a beautiful feature.

edit your stuff

Updating a space isn’t always about adding stuff.  If you have too much stuff, then taking away is the one thing that can transform your home even if you do nothing else.  I always recommend starting with this when you want to update or refresh your decor without much budget.  Not only can it completely change the look of a room, but you will most likely find things you can repurpose, use in another room or sell.

forage for plants

Buying flowers is expensive so instead why not forage a few branches, stems… whatever you can find.  Pop them in a vase and they’ll brighten up any room instantly.  That little pop of greenery adds so much especially to homes that are decorated in neutrals.

dining table in Scandi kitchendark blue kitchen Scandinavian

decorate home without buying anything

swap things around

A simple swap around of decor items from one room to another or even within a room, can switch up the look of your room.  Think things like rugs, art, lights, cabinets, curtains… any decor piece that is easily movable.  I recently swapped my living room side tables with my bedside tables.  Even this small swap changed the look of both my bedroom and living space.

clean your windows

I know, cleaning isn’t exciting but it’s essential especially having clean windows and any internal glass too.  Smudgy, dusty windows will block natural light and they can make everything in the room feel a bit grimy (even if the room is actually clean).  With clear, clean windows your room will look brighter and fresher.

tidy up

Some people put tidying and cleaning in the same box but to me they’re very different.  You can have a clean but untidy home which is much more common, at least amongst my readers.  My home is always clean (at least I like to believe that!)  but it’s often not tidy with things like clothes piling up on a chair or things being left on countertops and tabletops where they don’t belong.  Putting stuff away where it belongs and finding a home for things that don’t have one, will help you get your space looking how you want it.

display what you have as decorations

Instead of buying decor objects, display some of your favourite things that you already own, use and find beautiful.  This could be your favourite coffee mugs, a teapot or a favourite bowl in the kitchen.  A favourite piece of clothing hung on a hook in the bedroom.  A beautiful vase or jug or book or magazines displayed on a dining or coffee table.  We all have stuff that we love and use.  So instead of buying decorations just pick out what you love and use those as decor objects throughout your home.

All these ideas to improve your home decor with no budget will have an impact in your home.  So pick a couple of ideas and get started.

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