Getting your linen closet neat and organised can feel like a mighty challenge. Whether it’s stacked full of unruly sheets, or stuffed with the odd pieces around your home that need storage, it’s easy to just cram everything in, shut the door and forget about it. That is, until you need to open it again and it all comes tumbling out.
Having an organised linen closet is about much more than looks – it will also save you time and effort when storing and changing your sheets, and help keep your bedding in good condition.
The trick to creating a linen closet that works for you is to put some really easy organisation strategies in place. Set aside some time to get your linen closet in order by following the easy tips below.

Throw away old linen

It’s easy to accumulate lots of sheets, quilt covers and other various pieces of linen over the years. Before you start organising, do a cull of your bedding and linen sets so you know exactly what you’re working with. Pull everything out and lay it all down where you have space, like the living room. Get rid of any items that are stained, worn or anything you haven’t used in years. If you’re really short on storage space, you can easily get away with two bedding sets per room, and a couple of towels per person.
Donate anything that is still in good nick and bin the rest. You can also get creative and repurpose your old linen. For example, an old hand towel can be repurposed as a cleaning cloth.
While you’re in this culling stage, take the opportunity to wipe down the shelves and give the whole closet a good dust, so you’re starting with a fresh slate.

Organise your linen into categories

One of the easiest ways to create a functional storage space is to store your linen by room, placing the same items together. Separate bathroom linen into bath towels, hand towels and mats. Then keep all your bedding together. You can separate them into rooms, like the guest room or main bedroom, or keep all items of a set together to make it easy to find when you change the bed.
A really easy way to keep your bedding linen nice and organised is to store each set inside one of the pillow cases. Nothing will get lost or mixed up again!
If your linen closet has deep shelves, storage tubs are a good option. Storing sheet sets and towels in baskets or clear tubs can help create order and make your closet feel more organised.

Store in order of use

Functionality is key when it comes to making your linen closet work for you. Store items that don’t get used as frequently on the top shelf. This can be things like spare pillows, blankets and guest bedding. Keep items that you regularly use on the middle shelves, where they are within easy reach.
If you’re tight on space, store away bulky items that you don’t regularly use, like winter quilts. Vacuum packing these items that you know you won’t need for a while is a great space-saving solution, while also keeping things organised.
When the weather changes, just switch the sets, ensuring the linen you need is always on hand. Plus, it’s a great excuse to keep on top of your linen closet!

Break out the label maker

Labelling baskets, bins and the shelves themselves will make sure that everyone knows the proper place and that items are easy to find. With a clear label, there will be no more rummaging around and creating more mess as you try and find your quilt cover.
You can label things by their room or even by their specific set, e.g queen patterned – whatever works for you and your space!

Keep your linen smelling fresh

There’s nothing worse than the musty odour that comes when you store linen. An overstuffed, messy closet can be a recipe for this dreaded smell. After you’ve neatly organised your closet, try hanging a few sachets of lavender, nice-smelling soap bars or even some cotton balls with a few drops of essential oils. Pick a scent that you love, ensuring your sheets come out smelling fresh. Just avoid placing sachets directly on your bedding as this can damage the material.

If you’re not an essential oil fan, you can also try keeping an open box of baking soda in your closet, helping your linen smell fresher for longer.
Unlock your linen closet’s true potential by storing more than just linen
Following the steps above you may find you have some extra space. Make the most of this by stashing extra toilet paper, tissues and even cleaning products. Have a dedicated shelf or basket for all these miscellaneous items to keep everything neat and tidy.
There you have it! Keep in mind that maintaining an organised linen cupboard shouldn’t be complicated. Instead, find solutions that make your life easier.



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