Threads of Treasure Book

A long time ago, I was on “book leave” from Brown Paper Bag… and sort of never returned. (Yikes!) Well, I’m happy to announce that the text and fiber-arts-focused projects I was working on are now a book available for pre-order!

Titled Threads of Treasure: how to make, mend, and find meaning through thread, it’s a craft book that examines the idea of treasure as it relates to textile art.

I do this through 13 artist profiles and guided creativity practices. The book, published by Schiffer Craft (an imprint of Schiffer Publishing), will be available on April 28, 2024.

Threads of Treasure is divided into three realms and examines textile art in three ways. They are:

1. Treasuring the things we love. In this section, I speak with artists whose work utilizes found or discarded objects: Hillary Waters Fayle, Janis Ledwell-Hunt, Clarissa Callesen, Jessica Grady, and Shannon Moser. The section ends with a project prompt: create a work of art inspired by a treasured object of your own.

2. Treasuring the things we own. This part of the book focuses on mending and adornment to make something tattered or stale look or feel new again. I talk with Arounna Khounnoraj (aka bookhou), Tessa Perlow, Lindsey Gradolph, and Stefanija Pejchinovska (aka Damaja), who all work on clothing. This section concludes by showing a basic mending technique—patching—and how to create a sew-on patch to give a garment a new pep in its step.

3. Treasuring everyday moments. In this final section, I focus on making as the treasure itself. I speak with artists who have worked on long-term art projects: Amy Jones (aka Cheese Before Bedtime), Amy Reader, Steph Evans, and Hannah Claire Somerville. At the end of this part, you’ll be challenged to start and complete a week-long project to connect with the daily act of making.

Speaking with these artists was inspiring, and I came away from the writing process being reminded that there is no one way to do things—especially when it comes to creative endeavors. While that could be daunting (there are so many possibilities!), it’s also exciting. I hope these artist profiles and suggested projects help aid your creative journey.

Threads of Treasure is now available for pre-order. Here’s where you can buy it online!

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