House on the Bay by Decus Interiors has been informed by its striking coastal aspect. Nestled within Margaret River’s native beauty, the multi-generational family home has been intelligently divided into three distinct internal zones which draw from the tones of sky, sea and landscape while meeting the needs of those who reside both permanently and temporarily within.

The homes’ planning reflects deep consideration for the myriad patterns of habitation that fluctuate between the primary residents and their extended family. A main house, a pied-à-terre along the western boundary for one of the clients’ adult children, and a compact home for a family of five to the east are cohesive yet distinct. The three separate zones consider pragmatics and the aesthetic inspiration provided by the surrounding grass trees, iridescent skies and expansive vistas across the Indian Ocean.

Mediating between privacy and togetherness, ample bedrooms are balanced by generous living spaces and a joyful playroom for grandchildren where the family can connect with ease. These main living spaces are social touchstones with soaring ceilings haloed in glazing instead of architraves connecting to the outside elements and instilling a welcoming atmosphere for the family to gather.

House on the Bay by Decus Interiors

The kitchen in the Main House.

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Western Australia’s hardy bushland and rugged coastline inspired an eclectic and textural approach to materials, buoyed by the clients’ love of rich colours. An array of earthy, tactile finishes differentiate the atmosphere of the home from typical beachfront properties –with no whitewash or bleached timbers in sight. The design elegantly mixes natural stone, local timber and hand-glazed tiles in eucalypt and clay tones, giving a sense of depth, casualness and ease.

Continuing this narrative, the clients expressed a desire to source furniture and lighting from local Australian suppliers and artisans. A striking Abacus pendant by Melbourne maker Christopher Boots floats gently above the dining area, while numerous Australian-made furniture pieces by the likes of Nau, Adam Goodrum, Jonathan West, Made by Morgan, Jardan and Spence & Lyda bring warmth and authenticity to all areas the home.

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The primary bedroom in the Main House mirrors the tones of the landscape, featuring custom furniture which celebrates texture and soft curves.

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Bending to the sensibilities and functional needs of each inhabitant, House on the Bay finds its strength in its capacity to connect – spatially, aesthetically, between interior and exterior, and between grandparents, children and grandchildren. Private zones for the primary clients embrace a cultivated refinement while the family home is expressive and resilient, designed to sustain the effervescent play of young children. The pied-à-terre is distinct again, demonstrating intelligent use of space and a visual language that is clean, minimal and elevated by the graphic expressiveness of materials.

House on the Bay negotiates seamlessly between distinction and conformity throughout each of its parts. It doesn’t lose sight of the breathtaking beauty of its Margaret River location and leverages the colours, materials and textures outside to emphasise an affinity between the landscape and the curation of materials inside. Every opportunity has been made to frame facets of the sky and to coax the breeze and light into the home with an evident dialogue seen, felt and heard. Ultimately, a sense of unification brings a resolve to all three internal zones.

House on the Bay by Decus Interiors

The living, dining and kitchen space in the pied-à-terre.

House on the Bay by Decus Interiors

The primary bedroom in the pied-à-terre bedroom.

House on the Bay by Decus Interiors

While the architecture is cohesive, a shift in the visual language defines each internal zone. Here, the kitchen in the Family Home is a distilled space with clean lines and refined materials that allow for the rhythm of family life to take centre stage — featuring Pop & Scott ‘Dreamweaver’ pendants.

House on the Bay by Decus Interiors

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