Scandi home with modern and vintage decor

Scandi home with modern and vintage decor

If you’ve ever wondered how to mix modern and vintage decor, this Scandinavian apartment will inspire you. Here, old and new decor has been combined seamlessly, giving us lots of ideas for our own homes. But there’s much more to love about this Scandi apartment which is bursting with style and warmth. Read on to take the tour and see lots more pictures.


cosy Scandinavian living room wooden sliding doors between living and dining room minimal daybed in living room cosy white Scandinavian living room

Sometimes white living rooms can look stark or unwelcoming. That’s not the case here. The abundance of textures, the large rug, the wall hangings and plants all come together to make this room so inviting. Also there are plenty of warm wooden tones that balance all the white. The room benefits from some stunning architectural features like the tall ceilings and large windows. A lot of the furniture is modern like the coffee tables and daybed but then you have an unexpected vintage armchair thrown in to the mix. You also have an old bench that is just visible. Both these pieces — especially the vintage armchair — really bring the room together. The chair adds so much charm and personality to the room.

As you would expect, the room has all the key elements of Scandinavian decor. There are additional details that make this living room so special. Firstly you have the off-centre wall decor. This is an often overlooked idea that adds so much interest to a room and draws attention to even a small piece of wall art. Next, it’s that very low hung pendant light. While feature lighting is very much a part of Scandi homes, here a small pendant light has been hung very low for maximum impact. Also, you have the addition of one shiny metal coffee table which adds a touch of drama to a neutral room. It’s this kind of attention to detail that really makes a room look stunning.


living dining room with sliding doors white dining room mixing modern and vintage furniture white Scandinavian dining room white and wood dining room

The dining room in this apartment is right next to the living room. In fact it looks like it may have once been one big room which was then separated by a wall and sliding doors. The dining room is obviously used as some kind of a workshop or studio space. This bright white space benefits from lots of architectural features much like the living room. I love how both rooms have parquet flooring but each has a different design which looks great and helps separate the rooms. The all white dining room has plenty of warmth with all the wood and rattan decor.

Much like the rest of the home, there is a mix of modern and vintage decor in this room too. The sleek, modern dining table is beautifully paired with vintage rattan chairs and a wooden vintage stool. You also have a big vintage armchair in one corner of this room which is sitting under a mobile with aged globes. Once again you have so much attention to detail in this room.


Scandinavian bedroom with vintage accents

modern and vintage decor in bedroom vintage wooden bench in bedroom white bedroom with brass accents

The main bedroom is just as stunning as the other rooms in this home. Modern and vintage decor has been mixed throughout the home and this bedroom is no exception. That vintage bench is so unexpected but adds so much character. I also love the brass accents in this room, which is another feature of this home — neutrals throughout but with a hint of shiny brass thrown in to the mix. I especially love that the bedside lights are mismatched. It works perfectly in this room which has so many unexpected decor touches. The fluffy berber rug and the tutu-like pendant feature light are further details that add warmth and personality to this bedroom.


white kitchen Scandinavian vintage shelf in modern kitchen modern kitchen with vintage accents

Lastly I wanted to share the kitchen in this Scandi home because here too, there are so many design details to inspire. Once again you have a mix of modern decor with vintage accents. I also love the black and white checkered floor which is perfectly balanced with the rug. The cognac leather dining chairs add texture and warmth and look striking against the bright white dining table. Here again you have a shiny brass accent with the pendant light above the dining table. And finally you have the modern marble kitchen worktops which add more texture to this space.

This white Scandinavian home not only mixes modern and vintage decor effortlessly but there is a cohesiveness throughout the home. While each room has personality and looks different, there are common threads tying all the spaces together.

All images via entrance makleri

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