Industrial design undoubtedly evokes a unique look, but it might not be for everyone. Utilizing exposed brick as a bedroom feature can transform this space into one with the perfect splash of industrial chic.

Bricks can be a great use of material that’ll help give your home an urban vibe. Exposing only a section of the brick in the bedroom may be the way to go if you’re looking for a more subtle and modern bedroom design.

If you’re looking for fresh and modern home design concepts, check out the exposed brick bedroom ideas in the list below to give your sleeping space the perfect dose of subtle industrial style. With the right design, you can easily add a dynamic element to your bedroom without making too many drastic changes.

Use Just One Part of the Exposed Brick Wall

Your entire bedroom doesn’t have to be comprised of an exposed brick wall. In this space, only a small section of the drywall was cut out to expose the brick underneath. This makes the space feel warm and cozy while adding the perfect amount of barely-there industrial design.

Soft neutral colors on the wall and understated hues like beige on the bedding and headboard prevent it from becoming too dark and brooding. The white pendant lamp and the two white table lamps decorating the bedside tables stand out powerfully against the brick wall texture.

A beige bedroom with an partially exposed brick wall and elegant bedding in beige and pink

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Incorporate Color

This modern bedroom has a brick wall on one side, while the other is painted a deep, dark blue. The use of color draws the eye toward the opposite side of the room and gives it a bold two-toned look.

A large window lets the natural light flow into the room, and artwork and accessories round out the design to bring it a pop of the homeowner’s personality. Painting the ceiling gives the space a lighter look overall as it balances out the dark tones.

A bedroom with a dark blue wall color and an exposed brick wall above the bed

via Stadshem

Create a Bohemian Retreat

A large brick wall doesn’t have to represent industrial design alone. The whitewashed brick wall in this space gives it a light, earthy vibe.

Natural and breezy textiles on the bedding, curtains, and area rug along with the paper light fixture and light brown wood floors tie everything together, creating a laid-back boho-chic retreat with a touch of rustic style that makes it a perfect place for relaxing at the end of a long day.

A bedroom with an exposed brick wall and a mixture of linen throw pillows in warm colors

via Kvarteret Makleri

Break Up the Bedroom with a Separate Wall

This unique bedroom design features a separate retaining wall with a large interior window that visually breaks up the space. You can still see the exposed brick wall behind it, so everything flows and remains cohesive.

The wooden beams were painted black to match the window frame color, which helps to give the room a classic industrial feel. Other black accents and a dark wood floor tie the entire theme together.

An exposed brick bedroom with a wal and window in front of it

via Bjurfors

Paint Brick to Lighten Things Up

Instead of leaving a dark brick wall as-is, the designer here chose to paint the walls white. Not only does this make the space look and feel larger, but it also gives it a charming, calming aesthetic.

The use of white walls rather than raw brick transforms this space into a romantic bedroom accented with cozy linens and a light brown wood floor. If you want a more sanitized look, white is an excellent choice, but you can paint the brick in bright colors, too.

A white-painted brick wall behind the bed in a modern industrial style bedroom

Styled by Sundling Kickén, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem

Make it Eclectic

Although there is a section of exposed brick wall here, it doesn’t have the typical look you see in industrial spaces. A large framed glass window serves as a room divider to help the room feel more open, and a mixture of styles makes this space the true definition of an eclectic bedroom.

The use of live houseplants, clear acrylic accent tables, playful patterns on textiles, and modern furniture work well together which gives the bedroom a fun, funky feel infused with personality.

A studio home with a half glass partition wall to divide the space, with a curtain behind it to create privacy

via Historiska Hem

Use Brick to Create Cozy Bedrooms

Brick can add a warm, inviting element to any room like the one shown in this design. Although the walls on either side of the bed are made of drywall, the exposed brick at the end of the room gives it a subtle, cozy touch.

Since the brick wall is at the far end of the room, it immediately becomes the focal point. A tall bookcase against the wall and a nightstand on either side of the bed topped with table lamps give this small bedroom a ton of functionality, too. White walls and ceilings give it a fresh, clean feel that makes the exposed brick wall stand out even better.

A bright and white bedroom with an exposed brick wall

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Blend Brick with Other Materials for a True Industrial Style

This contemporary bedroom boasts two different materials on the wall: brick and limewash. Using just a sliver of exposed brick next to the dark gray limewash wall instantly makes it look industrial.

Not every brick wall bedroom has to feature brick alone. Using these two materials next to each other is a great way to add more texture and interest. If you don’t want to use grey limewash, you can work with other tones for a similar contrast.

Exposed brick and grey limewash combined on a bedroom wall

via Stadshem

Make Brick Walls a Work of Art

In this bedroom, pieces of the drywall were strategically “ripped” away to show the exposed brick underneath. Not only does this add visual interest to the room, but it also gives it a splash of bold artistic flair.

The designer chose to leave some of the drywall on the opposite side of the window. This technique helps the two materials work together to create contrast, while the ragged edges that expose the brick wall bring it a dynamic finishing touch.

An elegant bedroom decor with an elegant separation between the brick and drywall portions

via Alvhem

Place the Bed on the Opposite Side of the Brick Wall

Most people tend to place the bed directly against the exposed brick wall, but here, the designer chose to do the opposite. Putting the bed against the drywall completely changes the look of the space.

The owners of this home also added a single hook to the brick wall side, providing a convenient place to hang a piece of clothing, a cozy robe, towels, or even art and decor. Since this bedroom is fairly small, mounting large mirrors on the wall is a smart and easy way to make it feel more open and spacious.

A grey bedroom with a section of the brick exposed

via Entrance Makleri

Exposed Brick Walls Can Create a Cozy Cave

In this studio apartment bedroom, the only area with exposed brick walls is the small cubby area cut out to create a cozy place for the bed. This is an excellent option if you have an open floor plan like the one shown here.

The use of brick delineates the difference between the sleeping area and the rest of the home, and it also helps if you’re into eclectic designs that incorporate a mixture of materials, colors, textures, and styles. Using more understated hues on the walls softens up the brick and helps it to fit in the space rather than take away from it.

A studio apartment bedroom with a stripped brick wall

via Entrance Makleri

Keep Exposed Brick in Attic Bedrooms

This awesome attic bedroom has it all, including a large skylight, wooden beams, and a large brick wall. Instead of covering the brick, the homeowner opted to leave it alone. The white floor helps to keep this cozy bedroom feeling a bit more open and airy.

Although drywall was used here, a shiplap ceiling could also give it a cozy, intimate vibe. Adding a large mirror above the dresser or on the wall in small spaces like this one helps to reflect the light, which also gives it a much brighter and more open feel.

An attic bedroom with an exposed brick wall

via Stadshem

Incorporate More Understated Hues

Sometimes, a brick wall bedroom can end up feeling much too dark and dreary. By using light colors or basic white on the walls, you can design a space that feels much more soothing and inviting.

Wooden furniture and a tall tree in the corner bring this cozy bedroom a feeling of natural warmth that doesn’t take too much away from the brick as the main feature. Since the section of the brick wall is so large, you could also add a gallery wall here to incorporate some of your favorite personal pieces.

A bedroom with exposed brick and white bedding, white dry wall by the window

Styled by Emma Fisher, photography by Alen Cordic via Bjurfors

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