neutral Scandi studio home

neutral Scandi studio home

While I love sharing lots of different Scandinavian home tours, it’s always the smallest homes that inspire me the most. I love seeing how they make such good use of the small space without ever making it look cluttered while still creating a very warm and inviting space. Todays home tour is a perfect example — it’s a small Scandi studio home measuring around 43 sqm (approx 450 sq ft).

This small apartment has been decorated in neutrals throughout with lots of while, pale grey and some black accents. This pared back palette works really well in this small space and creates a soothing and stylish home.

minimal Scandi living room black and white living room black art in white living room small living room decor small living room storage small Scandinavian living room

The living room features a comfy white linen sofa with a few cushions and throws that add texture and some contrast with the darker toned cushion. Opposite the sofa is a large wall shelf which is mainly a bookshelf but also has the TV and other decorative objects. While there is quite a lot on these shelves, it still looks aesthetically pleasing because of the neutral colours and the way everything has been organised.

Next to the shelving is a small bench which is always a good idea in a small home. The bench can be used as a table but also an extra seat when needed. There are wooden accents throughout the space with the herringbone floor plus some wooden coffee tables which bring warmth to the room. There is also the contrast of angular and round shapes which always adds interest to a room but even more so in a neutral space.


small bedroom living room combo bed in alcove idea

Being a studio home, there is no separate bedroom. The bed is in a small niche off the living room. It is a very small space, just about big enough to hold a double bed yet the space has been decorated in a stylish and practical way.

There’s a long wall shelf above the bed and wall hooks on both sides for much needed storage in this tiny room. The sheer linen curtains add cosiness and privacy when needed.

small Scandinavian kitchen small grey kitchen small kitchen in studio apartment

The kitchen is painted in a pale greige colour with a few black accents. They’ve decorated it with a mix of vintage and modern furniture which adds so much character. The modern marble table with the vintage chairs especially stands out. I also like the subtle black accents like the black light switch and the black hook.

Finally this studio apartment features art dotted around the space which adds so much to the home. It’s mostly in neutral tones as that is the theme of this home but still looks dramatic, especially that large black artwork in the living room.

image credits: fantastic frank

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