An idyllic home in Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam, is a museum of its own, hosting art and objects from around the world.

Renowned for its art museums and manor-lined leafy streets, Oud-Zuid (Old-South) maintains its status as one of the most sought-after residential suburbs of Amsterdam. It’s here a well-travelled couple decided to put down roots, engaging Framework Studio, a design practice based in inner Amsterdam, to restore an old brick house for them. The design entailed an updated layout, new material finishes and ample space to store their collection of art and objects.

est living residential n 561 framework studio 04

Custom kitchen design by Framework Studio, featuring oak and terrazzo and ceiling spotlights by Viabizzuno.

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One of the home’s defining features: the organic-shaped aperture by the staircase.

A Museum of its Own

Having travelled to many parts of the world for their work, collecting precious souvenirs along the way, the owners wanted a home to proudly display them. As a result, the wall by the entrance is punctuated with small, organic-shaped niches, each fitted with its own light. The objects that occupy them, as such, are displayed as if they belonged to a museum. “This is the owners’ favourite area of the home – it really represents who they are and where they’ve been,” Framework Studio senior designer Francesca Finotti says. Another example is the angular-shaped wall niche in the bedroom, fixed with a horizontal plate to hold a small sculpture. 

The Materials

It’s important for us to keep craftsmanship alive to bring emotion and quality to projects; to bring a personal touch and explore the intrinsic value of materials,” Framework Studio creative director Thomas Geerlings told est in a recent interview. The walls and ceilings of Residential N.561 are finished with clay plaster and sculpted to avoid harsh corners and lines. The resulting soft, rounded shapes – take the aperture by the staircase, for example – inject a tranquillity into the home. Framework Studio have followed a similar course with the rest of the home’s materials, employing warm, natural materials: oak floors, terrazzo and travertine benchtops, textured fabrics and metallic details. “Although neutral in its tonality, there’s never a boring moment because of the rich mixture of materials,” Francesca says.

est living residential n 561 framework studio 03
est living residential n 561 framework studio 06

A wall displaying some of the owner’s objects is one of their favourite areas of the house.

est living residential n 561 framework studio 01

Custom oak and travertine table by Framework Studio; Rose Uniacke pendant; Tobia Scarpa Dialogo vintage chairs.

est living residential n 561 framework studio 12

Custom bedhead by Framework Studio; ceramic side table handmade by the owner; Chase Erwin bedspread.

est living residential n 561 framework studio 14

A walk-in wardrobe with a custom oak and fabric closet adjoins the main bedroom.

est living residential n 561 framework studio 10

A custom-designed pond-shaped mirror is indicative of the home’s signature organic shapes.

est living residential n 561 framework studio 15

Wall lights by Flos

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