Nathalie Deboel unites intimacy, togetherness, tradition and modernity in a restored 19th-century apartment in Paris‘ 8th arrondissement.

A young Parisian family approached Belgian interior designer Nathalie Deboel to lead an outdated park-side apartment into the next phase of its life. The aim was to give it back its grandeur while also injecting a sense of warmth and comfort – grounding it firmly in the present. The result is a balanced family home in the heart of the city, with consideration for both functionality and aesthetics.

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The new kitchen now sits connected to the dining and living spaces, creating a hub for family activity. The kitchen countertops are crafted from rich Italian marble.

Rethinking the Layout

The apartment was built in the early 19th century and consisted of a series of boxy, formal rooms, which did little to maximise the floor space. At the same time, the kitchen was tucked away at the rear, separated from the main living area. Nathalie thoroughly considered how the family would like to live in the apartment, specifically how they would like the spaces to be laid out.

Nathalie has replaced the old kitchen with a home office and integrated the new kitchen into the dining and living spaces, improving flow and connectivity. “The kitchen is now the home’s beating heart,” she says. Not only that, each of the three bedrooms now has an ensuite bathroom, rendering them separate entities to which the family can retreat to.

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Art plays an important role, with pieces carefully sourced from galleries around Paris and Belgium – some to add a pop of colour, others to blend into the neutral tones of the apartment.

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The apartment is located near Parc Monceau in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

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