Scandinavian monochrome apartment

cosy black and white living room

For your latest home tour, I’ve got this small monochrome home in Stockholm, Sweden. When I say small, I do mean small as it measures just 440 sq ft (42 sqm).  Compact as it is, there is no compromise here in design, space or practicality. But that’s whats the Scandi’s do best — make the most of any space whether it’s a tiny studio or a large house.  While pared back and minimalist in style, there is so much warmth and calm in this apartment.

black and white apartment in Sweden simple monochrome living room details stylish black and white living room decor Scandi style fireplace small monochrome Swedish apartment Scandinavian monochrome apartment

This Scandi home benefits from lots of beautiful period features and architectural details like the high ceilings, the original fireplace, the wood panelled walls, the double height skirtings and large windows.  The muted colour palette and the simple decor really allows these features to shine through.

Sometimes, black and white homes can feel a bit stark or clinical but that’s not the case here.  There is plenty of warmth in this living room.  It exudes a feeling of calmness and coziness.  There are lots of textures in this space which all add to this feeling.  But it’s also the little decor details like the books, sculptures and objects that add interest and personality.

The walls have been painted in the palest of greys which really makes the white period details pop.  Much like the rest of the room, the art on the walls is simple and minimalist. I love the little hint of colour from the flowers on both the coffee and dining tables. And finally, that original fireplace! How stunning is that.

simple monochrome bedroom fitted wardrobes in minimal bedroom grey bedroom details minimalist Scandi bedroom

The bedroom is decorated in the same style and colours as the living room.  This gives a wonderful cohesiveness to the apartment — this is especially important in small homes like this where each room leads to another without corridors or spaces in between.  The bedroom is small but very functional.  The fitted wardrobes are ideal for a small room like this.  And in case you haven’t noticed, the wardrobe doors have a very similar look to the wood panelling in the living room — a clever and stylish detail.

There are a few simple decor touches in this bedroom like art, plants and decorative objects. This brings the room to life but doesn’t take over or add clutter as they have been kept to a minimum. There’s a little balcony off the bedroom which lets in lots of natural light and is a lovely space to have.


galley kitchen in entry hall small kitchen details black and white kitchen

Lastly, I wanted to share the kitchen in this apartment.  It’s tiny but perfectly functional.  As you can see, the kitchen is pretty much in the entryway.  The decor is once again the same as the rest of the apartment which works really well.  Because it’s such a small space, the neutral colours and the simple style look great and don’t create visual clutter. Also little details like the round sink have been carefully thought as it gives you more counter space.  Much like the rest of this apartment, the space has been used intentionally to make it functional and beautiful.

This apartment clearly shows that monochrome decor can be stunning.  What do you think?

image credits: historika hem

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