Scandinavian studio apartment

Scandinavian studio apartmentThis Scandinavian studio apartment is tiny!  It measures just 320sq ft (30 sqm) but it’s still so stylish.  Many of us use the size of our homes as an excuse for clutter or as an excuse for not creating a home we love.  As this very small studio apartment shows, size doesn’t have to be a barrier to creating a home that’s both practical and stylish.

This studio apartment doesn’t benefit from any special features and even has low ceilings but despite that it’s a beautiful little space.  The attention to detail and carefully chosen furniture bring this space to life.

small studio apartment layout
Scandinavian studio apartmentdining area studio apartmentThe main room in this studio apartment includes a living space, a dining room and a bedroom.  While the whole room comes together cohesively, the different zones are cleverly defined.  While small, this room does benefit from large wall to wall windows which lets in lots of light.

In terms of the decor, the colours are neutral as you would expect in most Scandi homes.  There’s lots of white and beige with pops of black that add contrast.  Black is a great choice with beige as it makes even the palest of beiges really stand out.  Even in this small space there’s plenty of texture which is such an important part of Scandinavian decor.  And that mirror is cleverly placed opposite the window to maximise the light even further.

As you’ve probably noticed, there is plenty of multi-purpose furniture in this small studio home.  Multi-purpose furniture is always a good idea because it saves space and money but in small spaces it’s absolutely essential.  The main sofa in this space doubles up as a daybed.  The coffee table is an ottoman which can also be used for extra seating.  The table at the foot of the bed can be used as a stool too.  The list goes on but aside from the beautiful aesthetics of this studio, it’s this kind of stuff that really makes this small space work without looking cluttered or cramped.

small studio flat dining area
small Scandinavian studio
Scandinavian living room details

As you can see from one of the pictures above, there is a tiny little kitchen just off the main studio space.  And there is a small bathroom and tiny entryway too which aren”t pictured.  But beyond that there is no other space.  It’s the main space that really shines – there is so much attention to detail with interesting objects, plants, art, books and more.   And you may have noticed that most of the furniture has slim legs and is high enough to see the floor below – this again adds the illusion of space.

I love sharing home tours of studio apartments because they show that no matter how small your home is, it can be both practical and stylish like this Scandinavian studio apartment.  This home is warm and cosy while still making the best use of the small space.

All photos via kvarteret makleri

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