The green house is located in a small back lane in Tottenham’s Clyde Circus Conservation Area, North London and is designed to be a bright and lush green home for a family. Recently Hayhurst and Co has been awarded the best new home in the UK by the Royal Institute British Architects (RIBA) for its glass house in london. The design of the greenhouse draws on the natural history and green character of the site, providing a contemporary take on the domestic greenhouse. A design that tries to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space to green a previously neglected site.

During its construction, the studio had to replace dilapidated buildings which were in poor condition. The result is a new structure for a contemporary family home that is beautifully designed and energy efficient. It features a visually appealing facade constructed using sliding polycarbonate roof sheets, which allows daylight to easily enter the home. This concept creates open, free-flowing spaces that are filled with light and feel spacious and cozy.


Apart from polycarbonate as the main layer of the house, other materials are also used such as sustainably sourced cross-laminated wood, as well as roof-based solar panels which reduce the house’s dependence on grid-based electricity. The entire house is heated by an energy-saving pump system. The client and architect’s mission is to build a truly environmentally friendly house, which can be seen from the various features and details of the house.


The atrium becomes the central point of the interior, with riad-style overhead lighting connecting all the living areas both upstairs and downstairs to bring daylight into the heart of the home. The atrium helps cool the house on hot days through natural stack ventilation with solar glass windows equipped with temperature and rain sensors. This living room is deliberately made open to maximize the impression of space and flexibility of use. The curtain wraps around the entire atrium to allow the central dining area to be separated into a stunning double dining area as well as providing acoustic absorption to the interior space.


Almost the entire house is filled with lots of green plants. The layout is like a Moroccan riad, with a large inner courtyard placed in the center. This design includes a first floor balcony, as well as an atrium that encourages stack ventilation. Green House is also equipped with a quaint roof terrace which serves as a comfortable space to relax. Each of the rooms in the house is quite spacious, which can be separated by curtains if necessary, this provides flexibility for the family if changes are needed in the future. Enjoy!








designer: Hayhurst and Co

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