If you have a room under the attic, you’d understand that it is a challenging space to decorate. However, it is also a privilege to have sloping ceiling that you can renovate and turn it into a space you can actually use. There are many use you can pursue from bathroom to kitchen. But, here below will focus on the kitchen as it is probably the least favorite function of all. If you are looking for some ideas on how to decorate your kitchen under the attic, here’s for you.

Open Room Under
In this spacious attic, three rooms are added to maximize the use of the space. In this space under the sloping ceiling, a living area, a dining set, and a kitchen are beautifully arranged and decorated. The modern furniture combines well with the rustic touch on the ceiling. The large glass window gives the attic bright light.

Romantic Attic
This attic is turned into a kitchen and a dining set with romantic feeling to it. The neutral look and color support the space to look spacious and airy. The bright light from teh glass window is also helped by white pendants.

Warm and Cozy Attic
This one here is also a large and spacious space which can contain three use from the kitchen, dining set, and living area. This space is ideal to be a hang out place with your friends where you don’t have to go anywhere and still can communicate with each other in three different activities.

Modern and Bold
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows a modern open room with three different functions. The smooth white modern kitchen gets along with the white dining set while the living room is with bold fiery red sofa that brings the open space an interesting note.

Small Modernity
In a small attic, a smaller kitchen can be created. Seen in this one is a small and modern kitchen with smooth white surface decorated with three sconces and wooden stools. And to accompany the small kitchen is an industrial dining chairs combined with wooden table.

Swing It
This one also has small space but it does not stop the owner to stop on just kitchen and dining area. They also add a wooden swing in the kitchen. So, the space looks definitely cozy and fun.

Compact Space
This small space is maximized into small kitchen and a living room with large glass window across that allows you to view the city and have the bright light. This small yet comfortable space looks so ideal for singles.

Small Sweetness
Although positioned in an attic with small space and low ceiling but it does not make this setting looks any less beautiful. The simple and minimalist kitchen helps with the spacious look while the dining set with chandelier above support the attic with sweet accent.

Simple and Low
Another one from the low ceiling space. This one here puts a really simple and modern look with only white and black colors on the room. The combination of white and black create the effect of spacious and deep.

Attic Apartment
For you who live in an apartment or a loft on the top of the building like the attic, you might want to look at this one . With two separates level, this attic gives an interesting and modern look. The small kitchen in the corner looks simple and the white dining set looks modern and romantic as it positioned near the window.