Located in North Coast, Egypt, this modern home design features a fresh palette and an elegant array of arches. The arch motif expands into rounded furniture design and an assortment of curved home accessories. Designed by Laithy Architects, the interior contains a plethora of contemporary decor inspiration: From a modern take on a coffered ceiling treatment and eye-catching light installations to bespoke storage units and attractive gallery wall ideas. The laconic white and greige base decor is enlivened with bright blue and muted red elements, which create a warm and inviting aesthetic. Look out for the magnificent glazed archway too, and a standout staircase design.

An L-shaped sofa makes a fresh aqua-blue island in the center of a spacious and airy living room. A natural sisal rug lays a neutral base below the bright couch. Modern nesting coffee tables introduce rich natural wood tone and a luxe white marble element with striking black veining.

An eye-catching wall light arrangement glows atmospherically beside the living room TV. Floating shelves frame the other side of the screen, displaying a colorful collection of books, decorative vases, and artwork. A long linear media unit stretches out underneath, crossing in front of the window to make a deep sill. An assortment of ceramic vases creates a colorful vignette within the window frame.

Beyond the sectional sofa, black-framed patio doors open out onto a lawned landscape. Two small lounge chairs and a coffee table make use of the sunny spot for enjoying coffee and conversation.

On the opposite end of the lounge, a small white sofa creates fresh contrast with the blue couch. A large piece of artwork adds a riot of multicolor pattern.

A coffered ceiling treatment adds a canopy of interest above the lounge furniture arrangement. It also serves as a visual connecting device between the fragmented areas of the open-plan layout.

A unique console table makes a sculptural statement below a neat gallery wall. Each small wooden frame holds a colorful gem of creativity that draws the eye and sparks the imagination. A set of coordinating blue decorative vases add chic adornment to the tabletop.

Behind the small sofa, a mature indoor plant grows tall to the ceiling, which draws attention to the generous height of the room. A small blue side table ties in with the abstract wall art. A wooden side table counteracts its colorful counterpart with a rich natural tone.

Behind the large sectional sofa, three tall archways break open the side of the lounge, creating a connection with the neighboring formal dining room. Natural light floods through each archway to reflect on the fresh white walls.

The arches offer snapshots of the adjacent living space, elegantly framing the interior design in slender sections. A large white indoor planter complements the architectural curves.

As we move through into the open-plan formal dining room, we see that the dining room pendant light arrangement is colored to complement the aqua-blue living room sofa.

The dining room light installation makes pale contrast with a stark black dining table. Nine blue-gray dining chairs jostle for position around the asymmetrical tabletop.

Luxe stone interludes are scattered across a display shelf, adding deep shades of gray and red-brown. Below, a white console unit offers hidden storage. Its fluted finish introduces fashion-forward texture, while its curved shape echoes the interior’s architectural arches.

A small, round table fashions a more casual dining spot for eating breakfast. Alternatively, the smaller table can be utilized for playing cards or board games with friends and family. Two disc pendant lights match the light installation in the formal dining area. A large indoor planter serves as a visual stop between living areas.

The boundary between the living room and entryway features a spectacular glass archway. The glazed archway is fitted with double doors to cozily close off the main space from the hallway when desired.

The ceiling in the home entryway is an attention-grabbing wood-clad design with geometric paneling. Modern track lighting follows the line of a ceiling beam so as not to cause a visual distraction from the beauty of the grain. The deep wood tone contrasts wonderfully with pale stucco walls and a light-reflective, tiled floor.

The modern staircase design is structured with tinted concrete. A rustic, live-edge wooden base tread adds an unexpected accent to the laconic stair formation. The timber offers a brief visual link with the stunning wood-clad ceiling treatment.

Next to the staircase, a plinth displays a piece of modern sculpture. The sculpture is crisply reflected in an arch-shaped wall mirror. The entire ensemble is held together on a smooth, concrete screed platform.

A private terrace unfolds outside of a ground-floor bedroom. Outdoor lights create a magical glow in the evenings. Borders are filled with green shrubs and trees. Colorful tiles pattern the ground.

An outdoor bench offers a cushioned spot to sit or lie down to unwind in the sun. A rustic wooden door leads inside, studded by heavy black nailheads.

Upstairs, a bedroom is blessed with a private balcony. An upholstered headboard blends with a color-matched wall in the restful decor scheme. A bedroom area rug, wall art, and muted orange accent pieces provide brief pops of warm contrast.

A third bedroom features an open-plan ensuite bathroom with twin sinks.

This unique bathroom sink places a translucent green accent on a rugged stone vanity. Geometric panels add structure to the backdrop and create a tactile element behind an unusual bathroom mirror.

Out in the sunshine, a pergola with a wicker canopy provides shade to a welcoming seating area. An outdoor sofa is teamed with an accent chair, a modern coffee table, an assortment of side tables, and an area rug to create an indoor-outdoor appeal. A magnificent ocean view unfolds across the horizon, just beyond a parade of palm trees.

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