Based purely on art, this experimental home design project features detail-driven decor. Visualized by Huge Studio, this home design is set apart from the rest by an abstract and minimalist fusion with heavy-weight focal points. A modular sofa, tiered coffee table, and a two-tone rug build a modern sculptural aesthetic in the spacious living room. Gallery-white walls form a crisp backdrop, whilst punchy orange furniture pieces build visual heat. Interior accessories gather in simple monochrome on atmospherically lit display shelves. In the master bedroom, an electric blue accent color takes over, creating a bright buzz against a gloss black statement wall and an arty headboard.

Upon entering the spacious living room, the eye is instantly magnetized to a focal wall of art. Two massive art pieces are neatly propped upon a low white linear storage unit to elevate and define them from the raw concrete screed flooring. See more ideas for creating a cool living room with large wall art.

Next to the artwork, a tower of shelving has been erected to display more interesting examples of creativity. The shelving unit is picked out from the plain white wall decor in a subtle shade of greige. Ribbons of LED light bring the collection of decorative items to life and create atmospheric mood lighting.

An orange accent chair is set between the display shelving and a home music system with slimline speakers. With paintings dominating the walls and music piped into the air, this is truly a place to submerge in the arts. A great space in which to spend downtime after work, celebrate an upbeat Saturday evening with friends, or enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in solitude.

In the center of the gallery-white living room scheme, a black and white rug, modular sofa, and tiered concrete coffee table design stack together to form a modern sculptural aesthetic. White drapes fall at stark black-framed windows.

Small sculptures, decorative vases, bowls, and books adorn the shelves of the living room in a simple yet impactful monochromatic curation. LED perimeter lighting brightly scores the ceiling line.

Black scatter cushions boldly punctuate the clean white sofa upholstery.

The square coffee table is briefly adorned with black decorative bowls and a neat stack of coffee table books. The L-shaped sofa provides a subtle visual divide between the sitting area and an open plan kitchen installation.

A solid black kitchen island establishes a heavy-weight anchor in the pure white kitchen design. An unusual pendant light strikes bold black linework above it.

A pair of orange kitchen bar stools carve a geometric shape theme at the black kitchen island. A footwell creates a comfortable place to pull up and enjoy a meal or a coffee.

The kitchen bar stools are faced toward a wall of frosted glass units at the back wall of the kitchen. Soft silhouettes of kitchen paraphernalia and seasonal serving items make ghostly patterns behind the glass.

Moving on into the master bedroom, the hot orange accent color is swapped out for an electric blue buzz. The vivid accent color covers two pillows on the bed, which create contrast with a glossy black feature wall.

A white upholstered bed is situated on a snow-white area rug to achieve an ultra-clean aesthetic. A greige duvet creates soft contrast inside the upholstered frame. Behind the bed, a monochrome art piece stands in as an arty headboard extension.

An electric blue bedroom chair is teamed with a small metal side table and a modern floor lamp to create a comfortable reading nook over by the bedroom window. Matt white panels make a minimalist backdrop across the adjacent wall. The floor-to-ceiling panels conceal the wardrobe.

The small side table holds a set of glass tumblers and a modern carafe. It’s also a great place to set down a quick spot of breakfast on busy mornings.

Black bedside tables darkly wing the sides of the white upholstered bed.

A black decorative vase adorns the top of one bedside table, along with a decorative tray. A small collection of books are stored away in the space underneath the tabletop, placing them in easy reach of the bed.

A black mini pendant light descends on one side of the bed.

On the opposite side of the room, a small table lamp illuminates the bedside table and sends out reading light over the pillows. More books are stowed away in the base.

The large, floor-to-ceiling bedroom window is made to look even bigger with an illusional curtain hanging technique. By mounting a curtain rail that far exceeds the width of the glass and extending wide drapes into the corners of the room, the eye is tricked into perceiving a much larger window.

A similar curtain trick can be used to extend the perceived height of a window. Simply mount the curtain rod much higher than the top of a window frame–or from the ceiling line–to create the optical illusion of extra height.

Black window frames sharply contrast the mellow white bedroom wall decor. Lightweight white window blinds are drawn down for privacy without blocking out the morning light. Allowing in the sunrise can help to regulate the body’s circadian clock. This means that you will feel more ready to get up in the morning, and more likely to go to sleep at an appropriate time.

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