Every single man or married man sometimes needs time to be alone. For some reason, they want to take a break from all the activity and hustle and bustle of the city so you’ll need the perfect hiding place. Perhaps this is what inspired Brazil-based architect Alan Chu to construct Casa Monoculo. It is a black cabin above a dense forest area in Eldorado, a neighborhood in Alto Paraiso City.

Not just an escape in nature, the cabins are elevated above the ground and designed to give a unique touch to the treetop living concept. At first glance it looks like a tree house, but this building is spacious and modern like beautiful villas that offer a natural living concept with luxury. It provides a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful surroundings while creating a cozy living.


Even though the cabin only looks forest and mountains, the site is actually located near the city center so it is easily accessible. Despite its location, the cabins are surrounded by greenery and preserved Cerrado vegetation, for which the architect had to take a sensitive approach. The solution is to raise the soil structure to ensure that there is no disturbance to the existing nature, especially that there is no need to cut down trees. As a result, the house is supported by 12 black iron pillars five meters above the ground. It hits the ground fairly lightly and also provides its inhabitants with awesome views of cities, sunrises, and beautiful mountains.


Named Casa Monoculo, the house is inspired by the traditional monocle which translates to mónoculo in Portuguese. The entire exterior is clad in elegant black accents, trying to be as close to the surroundings as possible through careful and well-done arrangements. There is a stunning winding staircase ready to take anyone from the ground to the house above, allowing them to connect to their surroundings the first time they ascend.












architect: Alan Chu

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