Do you know pegboard? It’s the perfect storage solution for any home, taking up very little wall space and can hold lots of items and display them in style. Pegboards are wallboards that are made of various materials and have holes to help organize things. Apart from making the room look cooler, this is also very functional because you can create storage, decorations, and even optimize space with organization.

Basically, pegboards can be used for all room styles and needs, but in this post I want to bring them to the home office. If your work is related to drawings, sketches, small objects, and special tools, you just need to add pegboard. You can hang and display everything you need there, and even if your home office is small because pegboard really saves space.

Add a variety of rails, hooks, and storage shelves to make things easier, attach photos and pictures to the board and place the rest on the hooks and shelves. So, are you interested in making your workspace more functional? Follow the steps for applying pegboard to your home office to make the space even more creative.


Wooden Pegboard

If you need extra storage space or just want to beautify your home office, you can use pegboard on a blank wall. First you need to measure everything, make marks and drill. After this process, place the pegboard to match the concept of your workspace. The simplest idea, use wooden sticks and supports to give a look that matches the wooden pegboard.


Painted Pegboard

If you’re tired of the neutral or natural look of pegboard, use paint to make it brighter and more colorful. The tip is to choose a color that matches your décor and create beautiful geometric shapes for a minimalist look. Another idea, you can choose a contrasting color but still feel one with the design of the workspace. this is a great way to combine functionality and beauty.


Pegboard With Racks And Hooks

Like most wallboards, pegboard can also be combined with a variety of storage units including shelves and hooks. This option is practical and suitable for those of you who don’t want to do a lot of work. To make your pegboard more functional, decorate it with various photos or decorative items, then complete it with shelves and hooks.


Perforated Pegboard

You can make many storage creations out of pegboard, and using perforated plates is no exception. This type of pegboard is easy to find at some home improvement stores. Cut the perforated plate as needed, then place it on a desk or hang it on the wall of your home office. After that just frame it with pvc and give it a nice finish. To support objects, use only hooks and screws.

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