easy DIY advent calendar

easy DIY advent calendar

If you want a really easy DIY advent calendar to make, I’ve got you!  Of all the advent calendars I’ve ever made, this one is the easiest.  But it’s not a compromise in any way.  It’s looks so festive with the pine cones and the design is simple and minimal as always.

This year, more so than ever, I want to keep my Christmas as natural as possible.  I want to use as many materials from nature in my decorations because it’s eco friendly, it’s usually cheaper and it’s aesthetically so pleasing too.  As you know, I love a Scandi style Christmas which is all about nature and simplicity.  It’s with all that in mind that I decided to make this easy DIY advent calendar with pine cones and terracotta.

homemade advent calendar idea

easy DIY advent calendar inspired by nature

materials: (*includes affiliate links)
mini terracotta pots (US readers find similar here)
natural pine cones (US readers here)
number stickers
filling of choice

As you’ll see from the video below, making this advent calendar couldn’t be easier.  You just stick your numbers on to the terracotta pots, add your filling and top with a pine cone. Thats it!

I used quite small terracotta pots because I tend to fill my advent calendars with activities/notes.  But if you want to fill with bigger stuff, just get bigger terracotta pots.  Also I had planned to use glue dots to attach the pine cones to the terracotta pots but I found I didn’t need to.  The pine cones sat perfectly on top and didn’t fall off.

advent calendar filler ideas

advent calendar filler ideas

When it comes to fillers, I moved on from little gifts a long time ago.  Whether I was making an advent calendar for an adult or a child, finding 24 little gifts was so stressful especially with everything else going on at this time of year.  I’ve never been a fan of chocolates as fillers so I started making activity advent calendars and haven’t looked back.  Here are some ideas for filling your activity advent calendar for adults and kids.

If you’re not keen on activities, then I have another idea for you. This was probably my most thoughtful advent calendar filler and it’s one that works for adults, teens and kids, so don’t miss it.

xmas countdown calendar
natural Christmas decorations DIY
nature inspired diy advent calendar

What I love about this easy DIY advent calendar is that it doubles as Christmas decor too so you can use it year after year.  Once it’s been opened, you can place these little pots on a mantle or any countertop and create a natural festive display.  These will make cute table decorations too.  You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the pine cones which will add a gorgeous scent to your home. I’m planning to do just that with some eucalyptus essential oils.

Will you make this simple advent calendar inspired by nature? Here’s a quick video below showing just how easy it is to make.

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