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Art can cost a packet.  Yet no home is complete without some art on the walls.  So why not make your own DIY wall art?  I know… you’re probably thinking you’re not an artist.  Neither am I but the good news is you absolutely don’t have to be.  Some of these DIY art ideas don’t even require you to pick up a brush! Yes, you heard me right.

What’s more, all these DIY wall art ideas are so budget friendly too.  While all these art ideas are minimalist and simple, they can easily be adapted to your decor style.  But since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re in to simple, Scandi style warm minimalism.  If yes, then these are pretty much ready made ideas that you can create today without burning a hole in your pocket.

I know this is all sounding too good to be true but read on and you’ll see for yourself.

5 DIY wall art ideas

diy wall art

This is one of the DIY wall art ideas that don’t require you to paint anything.  And the ‘prints’ cost much less than a fiver.  This wall art idea will take you all of 5 minutes to put together and you can change it up as often as you want.  Can you guess what the ‘prints’ are?  Head on over to this easy-peasy DIY wall art idea to find all the details.


inexpensive DIY wall art ideas

This is such a simple DIY wall art idea and is really easy to pull off too.  The palm leaf has been inter-woven to create a lovely pattern.  But you could also not bother with the weaving and simply frame a beautiful leaf in a clear frame – it just depends on the look you prefer.  Head on over to the tutorial for this DIY leaf art idea to get the step by step instructions.


simple DIY wall decor for living room

This is the first piece of art on this list where you do have to pick up a paint brush but it’s easy.  You don’t need any artistic skills because there is no right or wrong way to create this minimalist DIY art.  It’s an abstract design and only requires drawing 4-5 curvy lines and then painting them in.  As easy as it is, it still looks great and is so budget friendly too.  Head over to find out more about how to create this minimalist DIY wall art.


DIY easy paper art minimalist

Simple, and striking!  And all you need for this minimalist DIY artwork is two different types of paper.  It’s a really simple idea where you create an embossed effect on the paper and it’s easy and quick to do.  I also love the uneven edges which adds texture.  You could get neutral toned paper like a soft beige, if you prefer a touch of colour instead of white.  Once again, no artistic skills needed!  Get the tutorial for this DIY paper art.


easy DIY modern wall art

This simple, modern DIY art requires painting and drawing but despite that no artistry needed!  When I say painting, it’s simply about painting an entire piece of card in a colour of your choice.  And the drawing is about drawing a few black lines!  I love how well this piece of art fits in to a gallery wall and looks so great in there.  Get the details on this DIY modern art.

Which one is your favourite? You could make a few of these and create your own unique gallery wall.

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