There’s nothing like the real thing. While technological advances are continuing to transform the possibilities of manufactured surfaces, the organic beauty of natural stone remains unequaled. It’s a timeless truth: With their intricate patterns, rich colours, and undeniable character, they have been cherished by civilizations throughout history. Yet, the choices are nearly endless — and potentially intimidating. What’s the right stone for a kitchen countertop, or a vanity? What kind of finish — and maintenance — does the surface need? To help make the process both seamless and informative, Ciot combines expert product knowledge and education with an impressive selection of natural materials.

Now an industry-leading presence with showrooms across Canada and the United States — with locations in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Detroit, and Atlanta — Ciot is one of North America’s largest importers and distributors of natural stone. Serving both professional specifiers and consumers, Ciot complements a comprehensive selection of marble, slate, limestone, onyx, soapstone, and travertine (to name just a few), with an exceptionally knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

Ciot Embraces the Beauty — and Heritage — of Natural Stone

Consider marble. Revered by ancient Greeks and Romans for its unparalleled beauty. Born from limestone under intense heat and pressure, marble is a metamorphic rock characterized by its distinctive veining and elegant hues. Every slab tells a unique geological story, with veins formed by mineral deposits that traverse its surface like nature’s brushstrokes. From the Parthenon’s majestic columns to Michelangelo’s David, marble has been used to create enduring masterpieces. And in contemporary interior design, marble slabs bring a sense of refined luxury to any space.

Ciot Embraces the Beauty — and Heritage — of Natural Stone

But is it a viable choice for the kitchen countertop? Thankfully, Ciot’s Natural Stone Buying Guide is designed to help guide buyers through the selection process. Depending on lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, marble is a viable choice, even though it’s considerably more delicate than granite or quartz. As the guide explains, “over time a patina will develop,” and marble “will imperatively need to be sealed with a good impregnator, such as those manufactured by Lithofin.” For those who prefer a more resistant natural surface, meanwhile, look to granite.

Ciot Embraces the Beauty — and Heritage — of Natural Stone

Formed from magma, granite undergoes a slow cooling process that creates its characteristic crystalline structure. This makes each slab a unique symphony of hues and patterns, ranging from subtle speckles to dramatic veining. Known for its durability and resistance to heat and scratches, granite has been used for centuries in architecture and design. It graces kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and even outdoor spaces, adding a touch of nature’s grandeur to everyday life. Granite’s ability to withstand the tests of time while maintaining its beauty ensures it remains a sought-after choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Image of kitchen finished with Ciot Natural Stone.

What about soapstone? The metamorphic rock (which mostly consists of talc) has historically been prized for its anti-microbial qualities, and is a popular choice for kitchen countertops, sinks, and fireplaces. Polished or honed finishes are most appropriate, and simple edges are recommended. Any scratches can be rubbed out with a mineral oil, or with light sanding — no sealant required.

And the results are stunning. The beauty of natural stone slabs lies not just in their appearance, but also in the history and heritage they convey, continuing to inspire and captivate the world of interior design. And at each of Ciot’s 10 showrooms, expert staff can help guide buyers through the selection and design process, geographic origin, and carbon footprint of every stone. Boasting a portfolio of natural stone from some of the most respected and quality-driven quarries in the world, Ciot offers a wealth of possibilities — and knowledge.

This article was published by Azure on behalf of Ciot.

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