At first glance, this villa looks like a cruise ship with its sleek silhouette facing the Mediterranean coast. Vrantsi’s Villa Earth is a private residence that seamlessly integrates into its natural landscape while displaying a bold and dynamic aesthetic. If we observe, the villa is reminiscent of Bond films, namely a minimalist nest offering clean lines and a bold profile tucked into a rocky shoreline.

Made of glass, steel and concrete, the villa’s modern façade evokes organic curvature in harmony with its surroundings. The roof planted with native vegetation further integrates the residence into the landscape, while there is a cantilevered see-through pool above the water below. This becomes a feature of sustainability in it for an environmentally conscious design approach.


Even though the villa looks like a cruise ship about to be launched into the sea, the structure offers a private harbor to anchor the ship. Vila Earth strives to offer luxury living while respecting the site and nature. Designing distinct architectural forms that are sensitive to their natural context, Greek architecture studio Vrantsi blends elegance with unmistakable nautical charm, creating the visual appeal of a majestic cruise ship shape.

All materials of the villa are formed with high quality glass, steel and concrete. The material was chosen for its futuristic aesthetics and durability. Then, the architects apply advanced technologies including parametric modeling and digital fabrication to achieve complex structures, organic curves and fluid lines that dialogue with natural contexts. Enjoy!




source: designboom

architects: Vrantsi

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