There is a simple delight in the snap of flourishing greens and the crunch of fruits fresh from the grocery store. However, storing those perishables perky after you get home can be a challenge. There are some kitchen tools to help you keep the fruits, vegetables, and food fresh and even reduce food wastage.

5 Best Kitchen Tools for Helping Food Stay Fresh

1. Quart Collapsible Salad Spinner

Spinning up healthy, delicious treats for your loved ones, this tool offers a lot of food preparation and serving alternatives. Designed to assist you in making delectable salad, the tosser washes and mixes leafy greens for an incredibly healthy meal. The multiple-use interior basket drains excess water from the salad quickly, doubling as a colander for washing fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the outer bowl looks beautiful, serving as a serving dish for your new creation. The low profile outer lid snapshots on top of the outer bowl, sealing the salad for storage.

2. Herb ProKeeper

Instead of throwing out your herbs, ensure they stay fresh for a long time with the help of Herb ProKeeper plastic containers from companies like Progressive International. This herb container will help up to three bunches of fresh herbs and is the perfect way to keep and preserve your herbs’ fresheners for a long time. Its slim design makes the container ideal for being a fixture on a countertop or fridge, and the detachable basket makes it easier to clean.

From dishwasher-safe properties to BPA-free design, this container is convenient. Herb ProKeeper works by keeping herbs in the inside basket, which is lowered or raised into the water whenever the lid is closed or opened. The procedure ensures the herbs stay fresh for longer.

3. Zwilling Fresh and Save Vacuum Starter Set

The definitive way to keep your food fresh, avoid freezer burns, and preserve its flavor is by ensuring air doesn’t touch the food. This vacuum starter set can keep the food fresh for up to five times longer than the non-vacuum storage technique. The set comes with a cordless vacuum pump to help you suck out the air from the bag. They also have a glass storage container for the finest food preservation. Apart from helping you save money, this tool helps you avoid wasting food.

4. Dual-Zipper Silicone Sandwich ProKeeper Bag

This dual zipper bag helps you live a suitable life. The tool is designed to replace the single-use zipper pouches that get thrown away after use. It is made from 100% silicone to guarantee maximum durability and is able to withstand several uses in your freezer, dishwasher and even microwave. The two-sided zipper allows for easy access to anything that can fit in the three-cup pocket and comes with a leak-resistant trap drips and crumbs for mess-free use.

5. Planetary Design Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister

One of the best ways to store your coffee beans is on the counter, in the bean form, at ambient temp and with light and air exposure. Don’t store your coffee in a freezer anymore. However, if that seems to be a lot of work, get this airspace canister. This coffee storage container features a plunger lid that locks and removes humidity and air. It comes with a two-way valve that releases CO2 to preserve the flavor and freshness. Even if you are not a coffee lover, you can use the canister to store nuts, grains, cookies, seeds and sugar.


It’s important to ensure your food lasts longer to avoid going to the store and spending money you could save, so investing in these kitchen tools is a perfect idea. They will remove the burden of storing foodstuff, from preventing the potatoes from sprouting to letting you finish the avocados you sliced days ago.

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