cluster of dried floral bottles on and around two antique books stacked

Fall flower season is coming dangerously close to an end in Western New York, so I’ve been pressing and drying flowers to save to get us through the dark, cold months. These dried floral bottles and Japanese herbariums are a great way to keep flowers around the house all year long! I’m going to share these three different ways to display/preserve them.

They’re all going to start out the same and then they’ll have slightly different ways to finish each style off.

Materials for dried floral bottles and Japanese herbariums:

three floral bottles next to small framed artwork on shelf

Dried Floral Bottle Display

This one is just the dried flowers arranged in the jar and corked. Super simple and also still so beautiful!

flowers in two clear bottles with corks
three glass bottles with dried flowers inside topped with candles next to framed artwork

Candle Floral Bottle Display

This one you’ll just top them with a candle that fits the opening rather than a cork or cap.

dainty pink flowers in tiny jar with candle in top opening
three Japanese herbariums next to framed artwork on shelf

Japanese Herbarium

Lastly, to make a Japanese style herbarium, you’ll arrange your flowers and slowly fill the bottle with oil while tilting it to the side so it doesn’t move the flowers around too much. You will most likely have to rearrange a bit with the skewer once the oil is in. And the more full you make it, the less the flowers will be able to float around and up towards the top.

close up of flowers suspended in oil in clear glass jars

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