The interior design of this beautiful turn-of-the-century home in Sweden is based around a color palette of dark and light grey walls combined with a variety of different wood tones and a neutral color palette for a subtle yet interesting effect.

A kitchen with light gray walls, gray kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a oak dining table and chairs

A classic gray kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wood accents

The classic shaker-style kitchen cabinetry in light grey is placed in an L-shaped layout in the large kitchen space, with upper cabinets only on the wall furthest away from the window for a light and airy effect.

The stainless steel appliances, chrome faucet, and chrome cabinet pulls match the light gray palette of the cabinet fronts and as with most gray kitchens, this design also benefits from warm neutrals in the palette to add some life to the interior design.

The wood open shelving stands out nicely against the light gray walls and they additionally offer a great spot for placing pretty objects in the kitchen. They are a great alternative to classic spice racks. The marble countertops are extended to a low backsplash that gets higher behind the stove, where it’s most necessary.

The hardwood floors in the kitchen already add a certain warmth to the space, which is enhanced in the dining area by the oak wood dining table and the J39 dining chairs in light oak. The Formakami paper shade lamp* and the top of the dining table match the white paint on the ceiling and on the crown molding, which is a refreshing touch.

Light gray walls and wood tones in the living room

While the walls in the kitchen have been painted in a very light grey, the living room has gray walls that are a bit darker and have cool undertones, with white crown molding, and window and door frames that stand out so much against this wall color.

The hardwood floors continue from the kitchen into the living room and a large doorway connects both spaces, allowing more light to flow freely. Just like in the kitchen and dining room, the gray walls have been warmed up with wood pieces all throughout the space. The clean lines of the open shelving add warm hues to the cool undertones on the gray walls and the white area rug and lounge chairs add a lovely texture to the setting.

A dark gray sofa has been decorated with a mix of throw pillows in natural colors, which makes the living room appear soft and inviting, yet I think the real focal point in this living room is the dark wood vintage cabinets which stand out against the perfect backdrop the gray walls provide.

Darker grey walls in the bedroom

The bedroom has been painted in a shade of gray that’s even a few tones darker than the wall paint in the living room. The natural light is softened out by the off-white linen curtains by the windows and the white accents continue in the white bedding, in the bed skirt, in the fabric pendant, and in the white cabinets of the wardrobe.

A hallway with light gray walls and dark wood vintage furniture

The hallway features the same color as in the kitchen, which has been accompanied by beautiful wood tints in the door, in the antique wardrobe, and on the herringbone hardwood floors. These dark wood tones add depth to this small space, while the crystal chandelier adds a classic touch.

In the entire apartment, rather than using a feature wall, the interior designer or owner of the apartment always opted to paint the entire room in gray for a more impressive effect without the need for a white wall next to it to balance the look out.

via Alvhem

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