I’m not usually a fan of wallpaper, preferring a more minimalist look with crisp white walls.  However there are times that wallpaper can really work, especially when done the Scandinavian way where it can add a warm and cosy vibe to any space.

Speaking of any space, wallpaper can work almost any room in the home.  In Scandi homes though, you tend to see it most often in hallways, kitchens and kids rooms and less often in living rooms.  This is probably because wallpaper is often used to define a space or accentuate an area so more expansive rooms don’t tend to have wallpaper.  And of course, Scandi decor is also about less is more so nothing is ever overdone.

If you’re drawn to wallpaper and don’t know where to start, the ideas below will give you some handy tips especially if you love Scandinavian home decor.

floral wallpaper kitchen diner

choose a nature inspired colour palette

Whenever you see wallpaper in a Scandi home, it’s almost always in colours you find in nature.  The Scandi’s love bringing the outdoors in and wallpaper is an opportunity to just that.  Think earthy tones as well as shades of green and muted blues.

choose nature inspired prints

There are some types of wallpaper that are the more commonly seen in Scandi homes.  The first, and probably the most popular are floral or leafy prints.  The second type of wallpaper you see is small, repeat geometric prints and even these are often inspired by nature.  While those are the most popular types, when it comes to wallpapers for a kids room you will often see more whimsical and playful prints but the colours still tend to be nature inspired.

wallpaper to frame doorway

grey and white kids room

accent wallpaper wall kids roomcreate a mood

Wallpaper is a fantastic and easy way to create a particular mood in any room.  Dark and dreamy moods are often created with wallpaper in a kids room.  Or you might opt for creating a cozy corner in a living room.  You might want to create a soft, romantic vibe in the bedroom.  It just depends on what mood you particularly like and want to create in your home.

choose a style

While Scandinavian decor has a certain overall look, the style can range from vintage to modern.  Wallpaper is a great way to infuse a particular style you like or even a contrast in styles.  For e.g. a vintage inspired wallpaper can look great in a modern kitchen.

decorate in similar tones

When you opt for wallpaper with colour, to keep the look clean and clutter-free, decorate the rest of the room in some of the same colours found on the wallpaper.  The exception to this is if you have crisp, white interiors, then the wallpaper will create a stunning contrast as you can see in some of the pictures above.  Otherwise, stick to decorating in a few of the same tones as the wallpaper or your room can end up looking too busy.

Scandinavian bedroom with wallpaper

wallpaper in entryway

floral wallpaper in kitchen

use wallpaper as a feature

In Scandi homes, wallpaper is often used to highlight a particular area of a room or to visually separate zones within a room.  You may see one or even half a wall decorated with wallpaper in a kids room or a small entryway wallpapered to create a defined space.  You might see a dining area in a kitchen that is wallpapered or wallpaper used to highlight a particular feature like the large window in the image above. Wallpaper is also often used to frame a room and draw the eye from one room to another to create a flow.

Are you tempted by the wallpaper look?

all images via: entrance makleri | stadshem | alvhem

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