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Good news for those whose stuff runneths over — your home has storage opportunities hiding in plain sight and these pro hacks can harness them. 

Let it slide
Often everything but the kitchen sink ends up cluttered around it, getting wet, getting mucky and getting in the way. If only there was a solution for keeping your benchtop clear yet everything immediately on hand. Hardware experts Blum were reading from the same recipe book when they cooked up their Sink Drawer (above), a pull-out configured in a ‘U’ shape to maximise every speck of wasted space. You can keep dripping hands out of the mix too, with Blum’s Servo-Drive electrical system — it opens your drawer with just a touch of your hip or knee, serving up the ultimate functional ease.

Creative storage hacks by Blum

Straight & narrow
Lean and meaning business when it comes to taking advantage of disused household nooks and crannies, Blum’s thin-for-the-win Space Twin (above) is a diminutive addition that delivers significant benefits. The slim-line solution can be slipped in between to provide two shelves designed for narrow items such as chopping boards and baking trays — or use them to house spices and bottled ingredients within close reach during meal prep. The expert design ensures the Space Twin’s stability and fluidity, with Blum Blumotion tech helping it glide silently closed. Install yours near your hob to simplify workflow to the nth degree.

Creative storage hacks by Blum

Level up
Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office — any and all rooms in your home stand to gain from cabinets fitted with a Blum Space Tower (above). In customisable heights, widths and depths for pantries, wardrobes and whatever you need, Space Tower maximises your storage potential through its convenient and ergonomic ingenuity and high load-bearing capacity. The distinct advantage over standard shelves is the individual drawers that slide out to make their contents visible from three sides. Comfortably access everything right to the back and keep it organised and upright with the inclusion of Blum’s range of dividers. It’s a game-changer.

Creative storage hacks by Blum

A step further
Elevate your situation even more with this clever trick, a multifunctional, soft-closing plinth that’s stored inside your kickboard while housing extra storage itself. The Blum Space Step (above) allows access to higher levels so your top cupboards can be fully utilised, and nixes the need for stand-alone stools for kids in the kitchen and bathroom (with the assurance of the anti-slip mechanism that securely locks it in place). Stash rarely used stuff in its internal compartment — and enjoy life with a place for everything and everything in its place.

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