Coreopsis golden ball – a gorgeous flower with rich and prolonged flowering ideal for your pots and garden

Coreopsis Golden Ball is a lovely perennial flower that works well in both pots and gardens. This plant produces magnificent, bright yellow, ball-shaped blooms that bloom from early summer to fall, making it a good choice for people looking for a longer blooming time.

Coreopsis, in addition to being a wildflower that gives off impressive blooms, is one of the most effective plants that attract butterflies and bees to the garden, creating a wonderful and vibrant natural landscape.

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Coreopsis loves the sun and gives us impressive flowering with a long duration when planted in sunny positions in the garden or on the balcony. It can also grow in semi-shaded places, especially in southern warm areas, although in this case, it gives us a smaller production of flowers.

We plant the coreopsis in the ground, otherwise, we choose a pot with a diameter and height of about 30 centimeters in order for its root system to develop satisfactorily and for it to have rich vegetation and flowering. We choose a south- or west-facing balcony that ensures plenty of light in the coreopsis and we must keep in mind that coreopsis is sensitive to winter frost and strong north winds.

Coreopsis grows in all types of soils, even in poor stony soils, as long as they ensure good drainage in order to remove water, as excessive moisture and water concentration can cause root rot

This plant can reach a height of 50-60 cm and a spread of 50-60 cm. It is a clump-forming plant with a mound of foliage that is lovely even when not in bloom. The blooms bloom on long, slender stems that reach above the foliage, making a lovely spectacle.

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Simply water it regularly during dry seasons and fertilize it once or twice a year with a balanced fertilizer to care for Coreopsis Golden Ball. Deadheading wasted flowers will encourage additional blooms, and trimming the plant back in the fall can keep it neat.

Overall, Coreopsis Golden Ball is a great choice for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance, long-blooming perennial that will provide a splash of color to their landscape.





















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