bedroom wall with soft green walls

decorating with green wallsThe colour green is having another moment.  It’s one of those colours that keeps coming back on trend.  Irrespective of whether green is on trend or not, it’s a colour you can’t go wrong with.   Decorating with green walls has always been a great way to embrace nature and create a sense of calm in your home.  Of course there are a huge range of shades to choose from.  But for those of us who like neutral shades, there are some beautiful, light or dark calming greens that will work in any room of your home.

The colour green is of course linked so strongly to nature so it’s a great way to bring the outdoors in to your home. It’s calm, it’s relaxing and it’s even been linked to better health and wellbeing.  According to research, green can help lower stress levels and can be a mood booster.  Think about how refreshed you feel after a walk in nature.  Studies have even shown that hospital patients exposed to greenery recover faster than those who aren’t.  It’s no surprise that green does wonders for our homes too.

olive green living room
grey green wall kitchen
decorating with mint green walls
bedroom wall with soft green walls

As with all interior wall paints there are a ton of different shades and green is no exception.   When it comes to neutral greens they range from the darkest to the palest greens.  And everything in between.  There are also greens with different undertones – think grey-greens, blue-greens, white paints with green undertones and more. There’s a wide spectrum on offer so no matter your personal preference, there is a green out there for you.  Having said that, not all greens will give you a calm, neutral look – bright greens are clearly off the list!  Inn case you want some recommendations, I’ve suggested some green paints at the end of this post.

tips for decorating with green walls

1. Green is usually considered a cool colour but when it comes to paint, the undertone will determine if it’s warm or cool.  Warm greens will have some yellow undertones in them.  While cool greens will have blue or grey undertones.  Choose your green keeping in mind the undertone for a warmer or cooler feel.  If you’re not sure, here’s where you can read more on how to choose neutral paint colours.

2. Green pairs well with many neutral colours like beige, brown, grey, black and white.  The one thing to note here is that if you’re going for a cool green, then stick to other cool shades too.  Or with a warm green, add in other warm colours.

3. Depending on the shade, green can also work with rich colours like a deep terracotta (see pic below) or a deep blue – I wouldn’t suggest doing so in one room but in two separate rooms that can be seen from each other – the pic below will show you exactly what I mean.  This kind of look though is best left to more experienced decorators as it’s a harder look to pull off.

4. Another way to add interest is to go for more than one shade of green in a room. If you’re thinking of doing this, stick to a lighter or darker tone of the same shade/undertone to keep the look cohesive and neutral.

5. Before picking a green, consider the mood you want to create in that room.  Are you going for dark and moody or bright and fresh?  Or maybe you want to create a cosy and cocooned feel.

6.  For a neutral look avoid any brighter greens.  For e.g when it comes to mint green, there’s a huge range.  Some that are bright while others that are far more subdued and subtle.  Going for anything bright won’t give you that calm, neutral look that I’m guessing you’re after.

green walls with terracotta
blue green walls living room
dark green walls in home office
sage green kids room
green walls green sofa living room

As the images show, decorating with green walls can work really well in practically any room in your home.  From a kids room to an entryway to a living room, you can’t go wrong with a neutral green.  I especially love green for an adult or kids bedroom because it’s calming and promotes a feeling of balance and harmony. Perfect for a good nights sleep!

here are some neutral green paint colours:

neutral green paint colours
neutral green paint colors

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1. james white | 2. cromarty | 3. teresa’s green | 4. treron | 5. bancha | 6.  studio green

The first one isn’t actually a green paint – it’s a shade of white with a hint of green. I’ve included it for those of you who want the slightest hint of colour.  Of course it can look more or less green, depending on your lighting and other circumstances in your room.  Which brings me on to saying always, always test paints before you buy.  Paints can look very different in your home compared to what they look like on a scree or in a shop.

Are you tempted to go green?  Which shades are you drawn to?

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