A cozy residence always gives a feeling of peace to every owner, and beautifying the house is an effective way to create the home you desire. There are many ways to change your home to make it feel more aesthetic, one of which is to add the right ceramic floor and can bring a different feel. Although tile floors are the most common material, choosing a ceramic floor that fits the concept of the room can make the room feel more alive.

Tile floors are often the main choice for homeowners as a floor covering material because of its many benefits. First, ceramics have properties that are sturdy in use for long periods of time. Ceramic also does not break or crack easily, so it can be used for generations. Second, ceramic is an easy-to-clean material, which saves you a lot of time.

However, the best reason why you should choose the right ceramics? Of course, the beauty of the room is the most important consideration. A house with a tiled floor will feel cooler when stepped on, this is what makes the house feel cooler. Here are some ceramic floor ideas that you can try to apply to any room in the house!

1. Plain Tile Floor


Plain tile floors with one particular color are perfect for those of you who like a minimalist interior style. Although it looks simple, the choice of this tile floor when combined with the right wall colors and furniture, can also look attractive.

2. Patterned Tile Floor


Patterned tile floors are perfect for an aesthetically pleasing room. Having many choices of patterns and motifs, certainly makes it easier for you to choose the one that fits the concept of the room. However, you still need to be careful in choosing a ceramic floor pattern so that it doesn’t seem too crowded.

3. Wood Tile Floor


For those of you who want a warm and comfortable home atmosphere, wood tile floors are the best choice. The natural color of the wood makes any room feel cool, let alone the texture of the wood on the tiled floor gives a unique impression to the room.

4. Marble Tile Floor


Since old time. Marble floors are already popular for use in modern-style homes. In addition to a clean looking residence, marble floors also add luxury to any interior you have. The elegant look of marble with unique lines on its surface can enhance the overall style of your interior.

5. Stone Tile Floor


Want to bring a natural feel into your home? Try choosing a tiled floor with a natural stone motif. Usually stone tile floors are often used in the bathroom or kitchen to give a natural impression, but you can also apply it to other rooms such as the terrace or family room.

6. Concrete Tile Floor


At first glance, the concrete tile floor has almost the same texture as natural stone. It’s just that this tile floor is smoother so it can be used in the main room such as the living room or bedroom. For the strength factor, concrete ceramic floors are also more durable than other flooring materials.

7. Hexagonal Tile Floor


For those of you who crave a unique tiled floor, you can choose a hexagon motif as a focal point. There are many choices of hexagonal tile floors with various colors and sizes, so you just have to adjust it to the room you have.

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