A renovation much closer to home than their usual projects; Bondi Junction belongs to Alexander & CO.’s Principal Jeremy Bull, Marketing Director Tess Glasson and their four young boys. A home that has grown alongside the family in a series of renovations- the most recent update has given them everything they now need under one roof.

In Sydney, a convenient neighbourhood close to the surf and schools provides a compelling reason to stay right where you are, especially when you have four boys in tow. So when Principal of Alexander & CO. Jeremy Bull and his partner and Marketing Manager Tess Glasson decided they needed more space to accommodate their boys, an au pair and a dog they made the decision not to move, but to stay put and instead push the limits of their existing family home.

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Much like their previous projects, including Darling Point and Rawson Street, we have a long-standing admiration for Alexander & CO.’s infinite respect for materiality, quality craftsmanship and organic, layered approach to immaculate detail – and their own home follows suit.

Similar to the young family that lives inside, this home is a vessel for growth and change. Purchased as a semi-original Victorian terrace, dilapidated and poorly planned Jeremy and Tess have taken it to the limit, both figuratively and literally, as they extended up and out in a series of renovation chapters over the past seven years. Each alteration and addition represents the introduction of a new child and the growing family’s needs.

“A defining force within the design was maximising space and exploiting the site footprint wherever possible,” explains Jeremy, planned to be dense and rational, the house minimises circulation space in favour of rooms to the point where even hallways are an opportunity for a seat or a view out to the garden.

Expanded to a total of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a powder room, lounge and living area – our favourite nook has got to be the sunken dining room that looks out to the green yard beyond. Complete with an adjacent fireplace, the custom, buttery-soft tan leather banquette ensures the whole tribe can sit together for a meal.

Bondi Junction Home by Alexander & CO.

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Bondi Junction Home by Alexander & CO.

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No strangers to pairing modernist design classics alongside contemporary touches, when it comes to furnishing Alexander & CO. are highly regarded for their unique interpretation of a distinctly Nordic style. Infused with the unique spirit and quirks of their family (and its various evolutions) their home encompasses an exploration of scale, texture and splashes of refined colour.

Standouts pieces for us include the iconic Ligne Roset Togo Sette in Marine blue sitting comfortably on top of a Green S&L Rug from Spence & Lyda. The Gubi Lounge Chair in rich velvet adds an opulent touch and the geometric inspired Quaderna Bench by Superstudio for Zanotta offers an interesting quirk. The marble family dining table designed by Jason Miller for De La Espada is a durable yet elegant finishing touch to the communal kitchen space.

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A truly dynamic project, Bondi Junction Home is constantly unfolding to suit the Alexander & CO. family and the interior reflects this vibrancy with various finishes, materials and furniture continuing to evolve. It’s a home already brimming full of personality but clearly, it’s the occupants of this home who truly bring it to life.

Bondi Junction Home by Alexander & CO.

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