I am again creating a video class for Rebecca Page, and though this is not the actual piece we are going to make in the class, I wanted to make several necklaces so as to show different ideas and suggestions for fabric manipulation with the aid of embroidery and beading.
I keep forgetting how much I love combining embroidery and beading, and this was a lovely and fulfilling reminder. 
However, behind the scenes – it is never just “milk and honey”.  It’s rather highly chaotic, messy and sometimes nerve-wrecking. 

Choosing the “right” shade of floss and beads. 

Got tons of needles, but not the one that I need for my beads?

I was filming the video in my workshop, on a Sunday, when usually there is not a living soul around and it’s immensely quiet, but on this particular Sunday, unbeknownst to me, my neighbour decided to clean his place using a high-powered machine (extremely noisy) for 3 hours (and 27 minutes – I clocked him), then when it all quieted down, a fly managed to get inside and mess up my video by landing on my finger. I got rid of it eventually, and just when I set to start filming, a procession of motorbikes went through our secluded street. It was followed shortly by a deafening chopper. It felt as if the universe was trying its practical jokes on me!!
Luckily, I managed to get most of the work done 🙂