dark wood Nordic kitchen

dark wood Nordic kitchen

I’ve renovated many homes.  In every home, it’s always the kitchen I spend the most time planning.  When I’m dreaming of a new renovation project – which is at least once a day – it’s always the kitchen I imagine the most.  I actually want a new reno project only because I want a new kitchen to design!  Of course the design constantly changes in my head.  But there is one look I keep coming back to and that is a wooden kitchen.

There’s something so warm yet minimalist about a wooden kitchen.  The perfect combo in my book.  Wood adds a lot of warmth to a space.  To contrast the warmth, a stone worktop finishes a wooden kitchen look beautifully.  So does concrete or stainless steel, both of which again add a cool contrast to all the warmth.  If you’re planning a kitchen reno and are drawn to minimal wooden kitchens, I’ve got some stunning inspiration for you.  Whether you like dark, light or medium coloured wood, or even a mix of different tones these kitchens will give you ideas to make your own.

stunning minimal wooden kitchens

dark bamboo wood kitchen
This dark bamboo kitchen has such a calm and inviting vibe.  Maybe it’s the lack of wall cabinets or contrast of the pale wood floor against the deep, dark wood.  Whatever it is, it works!  The lack of wall cabinets is a great idea especially if you want a very minimal look.  Of course, it’s not possible in every space but I would always opt for no wall cabinets if I could.  The slim, pale stone tops complete the dark cabinets perfectly.  And of course the patterned floors add unexpected interest in a subtle manner, thats in keeping with the look of the kitchen.  Finally the leather topped stool adds yet another material which adds to the space.


light wood and white kitchen
How stunning is this light wood and white kitchen?  Of course the super high ceilings play a big part in making this space feel so airy and light.  But this pale colour scheme would work equally well in the smallest of kitchens too.   The black accents add just the right amount of contrast to the light colour scheme.  Speaking of black accents, the black ceiling fans add an unexpected design touch while still being practical in warm climates.  I’m not normally in to ceiling fans but the exception is when you have very high ceilings like in this kitchen and you live in a hot place – this kitchen is in Singapore.  If that’s you, then you too could consider putting in a ceiling fan with lights similar to what they’ve done here.  I also have to mention the light wooden divider between the kitchen and dining space.  The slatted design gives it a minimal feel while still being functional as a divider when needed.


medium dark wood kitchen
The darkish medium toned cabinets in this kitchen are beautifully contrasted with the natural stone counter tops and the pale wooden floor. This kitchen also combines modern with vintage really well – I love the aged brass tap and you can just about see the vintage table on the right of the pic.  If you’re thinking all these kitchens are way beyond your budget, think again.  This is one example of IKEA kitchen cabinets with custom doors.  Yes, you heard me right – it’s an IKEA kitchen.  There are so many custom doors for IKEA kitchen cabinets so you really can have the wooden kitchen look you’ve always wanted.  All without crazy big budgets!


minimal light oak kitchen
This is a stunning light oak kitchen but without the contrasting colours of many of the other kitchens.  There is something serene about sticking to one tone which totally works in this space.  But there is plenty of contrast in terms of materials.  You have the softness of the oak contrasted against the industrial elements of stainless steel and concrete.  This kitchen isn’t big so I love how they’ve added things like the hanging shelves.  It’s practical and makes a great feature too.  While in a residential home, this kitchen has been inspired by open kitchens in restaurants.  The kitchen island looks like a chef’s table in a restaurant and the industrial materials further add to the look.  Perfect for those who like to cook and entertain at the same time.

Which is your favourite wooden kitchen look?

image credits : ask og eng (1 & 2) | stacey leong interiors | nordiska kok

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