Following the release of Abey’s Vela tapware range from Gareth Ashton, we’re exploring three individual bathroom aesthetics – each showcasing finishes and details to elevate this intimate space within the home.

It takes a sharp eye for detail to achieve a polished yet practical bathroom aesthetic. Recognising the art behind curating a visually complete bathroom, we explore three unique styles, each considering the finer bathroom technicalities – bespoke to its personalised look and feel.

Choosing the right elements is the first step towards crafting a tranquil yet timeless bathroom aesthetic. Together with Abey, we’re highlighting how thoughtful design decisions and detail-orientated touch points can inspire a sense of calm.

From the theatre and elegance of a European-inspired bathroom the sculptural appeal of contemporary silhouettes to a traditionally classic bathroom style, we discover how tapware underpins each edit.

Abey’s latest Vela range of tapware from Gareth Ashton is a collection that endures effortlessly across each style. Available in five finishes, the Gareth Ashton Vela range is crafted for quality and endurance from low-lead brass. Its contemporary soft angles ensure an ergonomically pleasing touch, and its statement look can transform any bathroom into a modern sanctuary.

Produced in partnership with Abey

European Elegance

For a sophisticated style with a modern twist, we love a bathroom that artfully blends provincial-inspired fixtures with a modern material palette for a distinctly European aesthetic. This bathroom style encompasses heritage elements paired with sophisticated shapes for a lasting sensibility.

A decadent material palette including richly veined stone and parquetry timber floors act as a foundation for ornate touches such as through the handcrafted Grazia & Co Catch wall light in solid brass and longline, premium polished chrome Gareth Ashton Vela spout, which casts an enduring shape.

Modern Lines

This bathroom edit seeks inspiration from raw materials and captures an industrial edge. Neutral tones form the foundation for sculptural objects to take centre stage.

A generous Formoso Natural Stone bath sits right at home against grey stone flooring and is accentuated by fixtures and fittings in organic-shaped steel lines. A chrome Gareth Ashton Vela wall set and deep spout offers a modern metallic shine to an otherwise muted palette.

Classically Considered

Finding beauty in simplicity, a classically-considered bathroom aesthetic leans on a refined, warm, and functional palette. Paying homage to traditional artisanship, this sophisticated edit balances dark timber tones with creamy porcelain and rounded curves.

A patinated brass and ceramic wall light handcrafted in France by Emmanuelle Simon offers a juxtaposition with the chrome Gareth Ashton Vela wallset. At the same time, the soft green stone adds a point of interest and charm.

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