Colors are always interesting to combine. When it comes to colorful combination, it seems like no rules applied. You can combine any color to create the cheerful and fun ambiance. When it is used in the most public room in the house, it would create more fun and joyful feeling. Here below are ten vibrant colorful living rooms that you would love to get some inspirations from.

Blue and Yellow
An interesting look is seen in this simple living room with wooden floor and white wall. The furniture chosen to decorate this simple and neutral room is bright and cheerful with yellow on the sofa, pale pink on the cabinet, and turquoise on the wall partition. Completed with ellow pink wall decoration, it gives full fun at the first glance.

Many Pillows
This living room is simple even in color. The wall and floor is white. The green rug gives a bold accent that is combined with pink bench is still acceptable. However, the colorful and varied pillows make the whole sight looks so vibrantly joyful.

Sweet Pink
For you who love pink, this living room shows a sweet and fresh look of a pink room. The combination of pink and green striped floor makes a great base to the room look. Furniture inside follows this scheme pretty well.

Pink on White
This living room is quite neutral and calm compare the previous ones but the shocking pink on the stool and another pink here and there make the room more lively. And the white ambiance actually boost the pink color to look more pronounced.

Colorful Pattern
This one here also has quite calm ambiance on the wall and floor. The bookshelves follow this neutral look too. However, the chair has a strong and interesting colorful pattern that looks so sweet and artistic.

Colorful Curtain
Besides showing colorful shade on the hard furniture, putting it on more removable piece can make a more stable look too, once you want to remove and change it into calmer one, like seen in this one. The living room with blue shades look colorful once the curtain, pillow, and ottoman are added in the picture.

Retro Pink
In this living room, the look is quite neutral with white wall and wooden floor bring a stable background. The shocking pink sofa and the pink green glass pendant above the dining set color the room in a fun way.

Artistic Pattern
Similar to the colorful patterned chair, this one here also has an interesting pattern on the sofa. With white ambiance on the back, the colored long seating looks so prominent.

Fun Play
As colored furniture might remind you of a great time, stacking decorations in bright colors will create a fin play of colors, like this one here. With shocking pink sofa, the colorful pillows clash and create the fun together.

Turquoise Nesting Table
In this white pink ambiance, the shzde of turquoise seen in the low round coffee table makes a great and fun accent.