The owners of this remarkable house hit a stage in life where they could redefine their needs and reimagine their surroundings. With their three children grown and only one still at home, the couple downsized to the city. With the help of CplusC Architectural Workshop, they renovated the 523 square meter property into a space that would be used predominantly for entertaining and appreciating life as a couple, as well as carving out peaceful pockets for themselves. They envisioned hours playing mahjong, proudly displaying family memorabilia, having an organized spot to clean and store scuba gear, and embracing an uplifting meld of natural elements. An artful indoor-outdoor home design came to life and ZZ Top House was born.

Located in Australia, this indoor-outdoor home design benefits from a warm climate and cooling elements of shade. The composition cleverly confuses the onlooker as to where the boundary between the home and the garden lies.

Tall ceilings feature uniform cutaways and skylights that break open the living spaces. The skyscape becomes part of the interior decor; bright blue and enlivening during daylight hours and a sparkling blanket of starlit black velvet as night falls.

The threshold into the main living room from the garden is intentionally confounding. An open-air sitting area, kitchen, and dining space are presented like an indoor room with colorful flooring and a ceiling fan whirring overhead. However, this is merely an intermediary zone. Glass doors protect the main, internal living room from the elements.

The green flooring makes a color connection with the garden and a wall of delicate climbing plants behind the couch. An oval coffee table stretches long in front of the sofa, like a sleek white surfboard.

In the open-air kitchen area, a luxury grill gets BBQ gatherings going and an outdoor drinks fridge stores refreshments at the ready.

Once inside the sliding glass doors, the indoor living space provides a cozy respite for watching TV and stretching out on a comfortable modern sofa. A polished concrete floor maintains an outdoor feel that is also easy to clean after tracking traces of the garden in.

A lowered black ceiling makes this area of the home feel protectively cocooned, making movie nights and games nights more intimate.

The gray sectional sofa embraces the indoor living space and a chic glass coffee table with a snug L-shaped formation. A cowhide living room rug unfurls warming color and texture underneath.

Built-in media cabinets frame the wall-mounted TV, providing plentiful storage opportunities for the couple’s movies, games, and hobbies.

An assortment of playful throw pillows pepper the modern couch. Natural light floods the airy living spaces through louvers, highlighting every detail of the decor.

The couple favors natural timber, bare concrete, and exposed brickwork to construct an honest aesthetic. Rugged red brickwork builds a rich, towering backdrop for the interior kitchen and formal dining area, which expands into a striking floor treatment. A wooden dining table and chairs are complemented by smooth wood flooring with a contemporary diagonal installation.

An accent chair is placed by the window to fashion a bright reading nook.

A huge kitchen island fills the length of the grand room. Kitchen bar stools line up along the breakfast bar.

The kitchen island features an eye-catching split material composition. Luxe white marble forms a glossy prep area while natural wood builds the dining spot.

The black media wall is punctuated with atmospheric cubes of light where display shelving is backlit by recessed LEDs.

The split-level living room construction is edged with a built-in bookcase, which brings a homey touch to the raw industrial aesthetic.

Decorative vases and indoor plants add splashes of color to the neutral decor palette.

Books add a cheerful rainbow of color to the wooden bookshelves. Modern wall sconces complement a spherical floor lamp.

The home exterior is characterized by ornate wrought iron railings which darkly contrast crisp white stucco. A modern metal gatepost displays the house number.

Bamboo plants lightly shade the narrow pathway toward the entryway of the house. A tall door instantly reveals the sky-high ceiling height within.

The same black wrought iron railings that appear outside the building bring an ornate touch to the double-height living room. During the project, the homeowners decided to makeover the upstairs bedrooms and a bathroom to correlate with the rest of the renovation. These bedrooms are reserved for the couple’s child who lives at home and for their other two children to visit.

A built-in bench separates the home entryway from the kitchen diner. Decorative coat hooks dot the wall.

Outdoor lights accentuate the planting and the pathway.

The magical courtyard area is heated with a roaring fire pit.

Block paving colors the floor of the courtyard. Lush green borders feather the concrete boundary.

The garden landscaping has a wild nature with an abundance of plants pushing up between paving stones and conquering the perimeter.

A series of arches gives the home exterior an elegant aesthetic. Outdoor furniture fills a small patio area where the homeowners can enjoy a drink and conversation.

A concrete bench makes a warm seat by the outdoor fireplace.

Small trees soften the solid garden walls with their natural silhouettes.

The green courtyard makes a peaceful view from the main living room and the open-air lounge space.

From outside the property walls, climbing plants provide a glimpse of what awaits within.

Side elevation, including the master bedroom.

Home composition.

Upper floor plan.

3D drawing.

Side elevation plus garage.

Lower floor plan.

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